Bloom !


This is my first time holding a chanllenge~ how exciting XD !

I'll ask you to draw one of these flowers:

  • jazmin
  • rose
  • lilly
  • glycine
  • chrysanthemum
  • daisy
  • lotus
  • other (*your choose)

BUT!!!!! [there's allways a "but!" XD ] I want you to draw the flowing blooming ...into a human-like form [or into an hybrid form...who knows!]! :D

for example: Bloom

some guide for this challenge:
use your creativity!!!
inspire yourself looking at nature, or photos, or music [it helps a lot XD]
you can send many entries
color is preferred
human form can be a woman, but it also can be a man! [I'd love to see this form XD]
single character pic

there will be one and only one winner!! I'll judge the entries, but I'll look for creativity and passion AND love you put into the pic ^^ not only for quality and drawing skillz >u<

prize: the lovely medal and a pic of your choose done by me [sorry, but in this ocassion I'll choose the media ;P]

DEADLINE: JULY 18TH [2 months from this day ;P]

any question? feel free to ask


hope you guys enter the challenge and most important.... HAVE FUN!!!

winners have been decided!!! Thank you everybody for entering the challenge, it was really hard to decide >0< First winner will get the pic ^^

thank you all♥♥♥♥ !! I'll come back with another challenge later.

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Rosa ~LilGingerSweets
Rose's Lullaby... ~toyotami kun
Wild Lilly ~krokun
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