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Rose's Lullaby...
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this is a drawing i'm entering in a contest. these 2 characters are Rosellia and Noel from my other drawing:

i've been working on it 2 days and finally finished yesterday. ^_^ Hopefully it fits the Contest Theme


I have been wanting to draw something sad involving these two but i could never think of anything and this contest inspired me! XD

Rosellia and Noel are childhood friends that care deeply for each other, they look out for each other like family.

every night around midnight they would sneak out into the Rose garden to sing the roses a lullaby to help them grow.

one day Rosellia become really ill and passes away, her ashes are used as soil for the roses to her request. Noel is really sad and misses Rosellia and he continues to sneak out around midnight to sing to Rosellia and watch her grow,until he too starts to fade away....

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bloom, rose, toyoyami, tragedy
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