IChiTa Draw Me My Etique~

Hiya~ it's IChiTa again~
I'm inviting some perople to join... I hope they'll enter...
(but I wont force :3 )

This time, I gathered some gifts for this Challenge so i hope many people will enter...

The Challenge is to Draw my Etique story OC~
Etique is a story (with lots of typos) that I made at FF.
(It's in Indonesian but You don't have to read it~ ^^;)

I've put the description of my OC's on my world
Here it is~ :3

ah~ I ever draw one of this Etique ( The Butler,Faye Tristan Minne. But if you draw him, It'll decrease your score since I wanted to see your imagination.

-I put it on Deviantart as well, If you have a DA account I'll give you 10-40 points (depending on how many entered)
-I'll feature your work on my world,blog and DA
-I'll do you one request,whatever it is. (yes, even fancomics :3 )
-Stalwartclaws will draw you one chibi :3
-and Karinrin-san will draw one traditional or digital sketch for the winner
_NEW! luciellemichaelis Will draw you a fullbody colored without BG
-If you don't have a Deviantart account, I'll draw you another chibi

-all participants will get gifts and be featured at my blog and my world~

-Follow TheO rules
-HAVE FUN! (is that a rule ? )
-No Yaoi,Yuri or Hentai ( I don't see why you must draw my OC that way )
-Colored or not colored, sketch or lineart, I'll accept it all~ <3
-Unlimited submission!
-Don't enter randomly, If you put some random pics into the challenge I'll disqualify it ( sorry :3 )
-You have two months

I'll judge your imagination and your participation
Of course quality of drawing counts as well~
I'll judge it with my friend~ ^^

Good Luck~ <3

ah~ so many person helping me with the prizes~ TTwTT thank you~

Well, I was hoping for more participants =w=
but, I think it's okay~ :D

further comments :
@ Wakusei's entry
I couldn't say it fits my imagination on Praskevy and Simone but.. it's really fun to watch and see. Judged by the poses and coloring, everything, you definitely won! :D and you made some brilliant guesses that they know magic~ Yes, it's true and you managed to think that far with my few description~ great! :D

@Anime's entry
Sorry you didn't win, since I actually will take only few winners ( with the ones on DA as well ). The drawing is great and Your drawing fits Sofiya's characteristic. I really like it~ :D I like your manual drawing as well~ :D

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