Kami-chan.x3 (eCard Portfolio) Without You, We Fade...

Without You, We Fade...

"Without you, we Fade..."
-From the Novel, 'Waking Lazarus' by TL Hines

For Blood Huntress's "-Quote that Book-" Challenge

I had always thought that this picture () was terribly sad. It shows how everyone was so happy in the past, and now since Tsuna's dead, everyone's changed and their true selves are fading. Sooo saaadd *sniff*. (I doubt you would understand unless you've watched Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Gomen.)

I made this card yesterday and it took only about an hour to do. The problem was that it was sizzling hot in my room. My dad had turned on the A.C. but accidently turned up the heat and my god, it was already HOT as it is. So I grew frusterated and all and started crying tears of well, frusteration. *sighs* Fail. :P

ANYHOO!! I read 'Waking Lazarus' in the 7th grade. It's about a man who has died 3 times in the past. It's good. :3 I recommend it to those who enjoy men dying (lol) then coming back to life.

Dedicated to Miracle Star19 cause we are just such great friends!! *smiles*


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