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Hey Child

*le gasp* What is this? A card with a girl, from me? And a friendship card?? Hell is freezing over! :o

I was originally going to make a wallpaper based on some of the lyrics, but had a sudden ~*spark*~ of inspiration after hearing the song for the n'th time and actually paying attention to the rest of the lyrics. It was supposed to be a depressing card, but I couldn't find any good depressing images D: So I stuck to this image, from Hana ni Arashi (cute shoujo manga, I recommend it - though I haven't read it in a long time, so my opinion might have changed).
Hopefully, the wallpaper will still be made, but as some of you know, I can't promise anything that requires that level of commitment *cough*

I got the dot-after-text bug from Kelsey, apparently 8D And, of course, the obligatory red flare! Also, since bokeh has been so trendy lately, I jumped on the bandwagon as well. But truth be told, it's what I had in mind from the very beginning.

Other mentions:
- I'm not too satisfied with the font for "hey child", but I couldn't find anything better. The fact that I didn't know what I wanted didn't help much either :|
- OMG LIPS <3 I've always had a problem with lips, but I think they look nice here even though the mouth is crooked blame the artist *whistles* :D
- The card is vectored, btw.
- OMG a card not made for a challenge! :o *le second gasp*
- Prepare for moar girly cards!

Original manga page.
Texture: Teeth-Man. Bokeh stuff made by me.
Fonts: Ajile ("hey child"), Commercial Script (the rest).
PSD file info: 2.23 MB, 38 layers

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I made a new challenge! Check it out!
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Thank you in advance for comments, critique, thumbs up and/or rotten tomatoes, they're all welcome and very appreciated 8D

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