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Man Man Ha Ni

Little trivia copy pasted from YouTube:
"man man ha ni" means like...when someone is looking down at someone.
so the word could mean " insignificant, easy to defeat, look down upon" and such...
It's hard word to sum it up in one word. I guess allkpop decided to stick with original title.

Wow! 2 cards in just one day! :))
I'm almost finished on doing ALL my jobs but still I won't be sleeping today. I decided to take a rest and make a new card just to kill time.

This time, I made a card out of the song "Man Man Ha Ni" by U-KISS. I heard that song way back 2009 so its a bit old. But listening to it can make you compare the song with current K-Pop dance songs and I think this is still a hit. I love the dance move and my favorite part of the song is on 1:56 which is Soohyun's (the guy in the picture) part. I fell in love with his amazing voice as well as his cute face even though the others say he's not really handsome.

I really can't understand you (can't get it)
such a person like you (don't get it)
what do you want from me? (I gotta know)

Along with Soohyun, I also like Kevin and Dongho. The three of them make me smile! :)) Take a look ♥

Soohyun's cool pic I used which suits the "I hate you girl, why'd you do this to me?" theme of the song...

Dedicated to megan chan. I appreciate the sub and it makes me smile since I'm the only one you subscribed to. Hope you can see this card when you logged in! ^^

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