Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) like a hermit.

like a hermit.

Yay, another card. :) I'm pretty sure I like how this one came out! It didn't take QUITE as long as my last that's probably why I'm not so tired of looking at it yet. XD This is for the "best card ever with a goal" challenge! I figured I should submit this here because Pantal is trying to reach 100 entries for it. O__O I might as well contribute! Lol. This is for the "cryptic" category.

Used this lovely scan by Azumi/Adumi Tohru. Gotta love her art. <3 And as for the poem, haha, some of you might find it familiar! From my last post, it was the sentence-turned-poem. People said I should put it on a card, so there you have it. I wasn't sure what scan would go...but I came across that one, and I thought it fit! Right??

Some layer duplications, gradients, texture, and a lot of fitful typography later, and here you have it. I think it turned out well. I messed, as usual, a lot with the text and finally settled on this. :3 I dedicate this to yours truly because she's an awesomely sweet friend and always so encouraging with my art! Thank you! <3

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That's just the best card EVER, with a goal!

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