Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) The subject is love.

The subject is love.

Yes, you knew I had to enter this challenge!! It's a great one, Ulter-chan and darkbunny! :) And of course, most people might've guessed I'd do a BL related one. XD So if you don't like boyxboy then OH WELL FOR YOU. Cause all relationships are accepted in this challenge. ^_^

My head hurts like crazy right now. I haven't done much since I got home from school...just lay down in pain. ~__~ So I'm just submitting this and not doing anything else, lol.

The original scan was found on FM-gallery. <33 This scan was originally going to be used in a wallpaper collab with my sweet Meg (innocent heart), but that project has been placed on the forever cold back-burner. Cause she's been super busy with school, and same with me. >< So anyhoo, I figured it'd work great for this challenge! ^_^ Talk about capturing the moment, right? I think it's sweet. X3 They should be studying~~~ Hahaa! And so that's how I came up with the quote. :) I actually thought of it in the shower, lol.

So...mostly texture work and shapes with those lines and stuff. It's a bit darker than my previous cards, I know! O__o I was trying something different. I dedicate this to pickle cause I know she loves BL, she's a great friend, and she needs to be studying. >>' Or something. Haha. I hope you like it! [and no, usually people dedicate to those that make the challenges, right? Well, I hope you don't mind this!]

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