I guess this would be my introduction post.
I decided to create a new world and post a lot more than I use to.
I will be posting things from music, conventions, cosplay, school, work, anime, and more.

A little about me, where to start..

I love my anime and manga.
I've been cosplaying since 2008.
I've been going to convention since 2005.
I'm majoring in graphic art, but love to draw kawaii and anime style.
I have a fantastic boyfriend, named Brandon.
I live in Connecticut, but will be moving to Maine for schooling next year.
I have a great group of friends I go to conventions with.
We are called "The Kawaii Mamegomas"
We have a youtube account and will upload convention vlogs and much more:
I have a devinatart, which has my graphic art, photography, etc: