Hi everyone! This will be like my journal, I'll be posting any manga/anime I'm currently into, video games I'm playing, or random tidbits of my life. Hope you enjoy reading!

I should not be allowed to shop ever again...

Someone take my wallet away from me. I was saving up money for a bunch of games, and ended up blowing most of it yesterday on nostalgia buys. Namely:

Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Fire Emblem: Awakening


Final Fantasy I & II for PSP
Final Fantasy III
skipped right over FFIV because I've played that enough.....
Final Fantasy V Advance
Final Fantasy VI Advance

...also I preordered Pokemon X. Are you happy now, Nintendo and Square Enix?

And for those who take the time to look at my art, new stuff is on the way! My tablet got fried and I needed to get a new one which should be here tomorrow. I will post new drawings soon, I promise!