Hello, just thought I'd create I world not to write stories because I'm a horrible writer, but to write a little about myself just so if there's anyone who gives a damn, they find out a little about me.

Ok here we go!

My whole name is Ana Sofia Moniz Curado e Silva, but just stick to Ana since it's a lot easier.

My interests are manga(preferibly seinen and josei), watching movies, drawing, and spending time with my friends and finally drawing(what can I say? I love to draw)

I'm portuguese, but I have lived in Canada so my english is decent.

Right now I am currently in college studying art and design in my homeland, so don't expect me to consistent with my visits.

well I think that's about it for my introduction, if there's anybody out there and you have any questions or remarks feel free to express them.

Until the next time

Challenge: Love is in the air?

Well, I got this idea from Led Zeppelin's Kashmir for the setting. I could tell you how I did it but, I'm too lazy and no one cares. I hope you enjoy it!Here's the original image for the background: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3576890.stm

Comissions are accepted

Hey just like to say I now accept comissions. So if there's anyone who wants some fanart please tell me(just don't expect it right away).