Bored at home... with things to do

Today I don't have to go to University. I should have Art History, but we talked to teacher for changing the lesson for tomorrow after Sculpture... So he did.

I study Fine Arts. Since I was little, I have always liked to draw, specially manga. I never had drawing lessons before starting the career, in fact, my parents don't like I'm studying Fine Arts. But it is what I like, and I wish someday I become a great graphic designer or animator. So they decided to help me.

Now I am at the second year of this career. Next year I will chose optatives But for now, I like the subjects we have. Such as Painting, Sculpture or even Image technologies (I will start this at January or February, since it is a 3-month subject). I won't be an "artist", but It's nice to learn.

The WORST thing is the work. All the subjects are practic, except Art History, so you don't have to study... But instead of that, you have to work a lot. Specially for painting.

For example, now we are painting nude models at classes (trust me, it is not like your models are handsome...but the model we have now IT IS, HEHEHEHEHHEHEH), but at home we should be doing an oil painting with a size of 100 cm x 81 cm. And I have to present it on two weeks. AND I HAVEN'T STARTED YET D:

I will try to start tomorrow. Today I feel a bit ill, I'm lucky it was a free day. Oil and disolvents stink, although they are such interesting materials. And this evening I will hang out with friends to watch Frankenweenie on the cinema
(If my wealth lets me, of course -.-).

External Image

I'm planing to finish a Zebstrika Gijinka, too. I'm making her for this challenge

I want to make the other pokemon, but I don't know if I will have the time.
Here I end the post. I wanted to tell someone a bit of my life. But i'm gone for now. See you later!