Welcome to the Anime Walk of Fame, a series of retrospectives on the many characters of the anime world. You'll see all your favorites along with a few that deserve more than their reputations give.

So sit back relax and enjoy the show.

How Old is Misty Supposed to be?

The question of age plagues anime characters in all aspects and Pokemon is a curious case with Ash being eternally ten years old but how old are his companions, more specifically Misty.

In most cases, Misty is simply the same age as Ash and most information sites agree with that theory.
But the Electric Tale of Pikachu makes the tomboy mermaid 13 years old which is much more accurate.
But I'm willing to bet that Misty is actually 12 years old and I have a few things to back that up.
First is her body type, I'd hardly call it childish but wouldn't call it teen either.
Second is her maturity, yes you can have a mature ten year old but Misty does drop subtle hints that she knows about certain adult things, think back to the episode Holy Matrimony and Jessebelle's dungeon with the so called "weird gym equipment", blink and you'll miss it, Misty blushes witnessing what Jessebelle is trying to do to James.
It's obvious that Misty knows what's going on even if the dub hides it, she has three older sisters with Daisy being a legal adult, one of them has done the dirty.
The third one is how close she has been with Tracy who is an obvious teenager with an implied romantic link.
Finally Misty's video game counterpart would suggest that my age estimate is pretty spot on as well especially in Masters Ex where she is noticeably older than player protagonist Leaf.
No matter how much you say it, Misty looks too old for ten years old, I can believe May, Serena and Dawn are ten, but not Misty.

Saki - The Mother of All Female Protagonists

For a while now I've been looking for the first female protagonist to shake the world of anime, and I think Saki may be it.

Some people reading this will say, what about Lady Oscar of Rose of Versailles? Sapphire of Princess Knight? Sazae-San? And Fujiko Mine?
Oscar and Sapphire both had to pretend to be men, Sazae-San while the main character is not internationally recognised unless someone wants to point out the World Record for longest animated series whenever someone thinks its the Simpsons and the fact that she's a housewife not an action heroine.
Fujiko Mine was originally designed to be multiple women and she's not the lead in Lupin the 3rd, only a foil.
The first real female protagonist in anime and Manga, not forced into a traditional role, not forced to hide the fact that they are female and not as a major secondary character is Saki Asamiya, debuted in 1975, a delinquent school girl turned undercover cop.
While the anime didn't come out until 1991, the Sukeban franchise existed in manga and live action for much longer, it served as a big game changer that paved way for the likes of Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis and Project A-Ko, the rest is history as each generation has a new female protagonist to love.
Characters like Makoto Kino, Utena, A-Ko, Ryuko Matoi, pretty much any bad ass female character to ever wear the Sailor Fuku, they all owe a thanks to Saki Asamiya, the character who changed the anime landscape forever.

I Feel Sorry For Barthez Battalion

I used to hate this team for replacing the Majestics but now, I kinda feel sorry for them.

The Barthez Battalion is introduced as a no nonsense well trained operation under the command of coach Barthez, however behind the scenes, it's anything but happy.
Barthez forces them to cheat, has no problem assaulting them and threatens numerous times to disown them if they don't follow commands, the team are even forced to take falls and injuries to show up other teams which Rick fell fall easily against Claude.
The team members know they are doing wrong but the alternative is not competing in the sport at all.
Miguel and human Silver the Hedgehog Claude know this as well as Mathilda who is too scared to speak up, I assume Aaron is exactly the same.
This mirrors alot of sports teams, particularly in the Olympics where aggressive coaching has left young athletes afraid to say anything through fear of being blacklisted and kicked out, I won't name any countries but in some nations, this type of thing is considered normal, I have to commend Beyblade for having the guts to show this, one thing that the dub doesn't show you is the amount of slapping that goes on and most of it is not comedic, really think about that.

Did Anyone Like Tyson?

We've covered all the other Bladebreakers except for Tyson, now it's his turn.

Tyson has come a long way from the kid who literally took a running jump to beat a bully to being three time world champion, but considering his cocky stuck up attitude, one has to think if this is really deserved, hot headed leads are nothing new, it's hard to look back on Ash's early career in Pokemon without cringing at some of the things he got away with saying and doing, Tai from Digimon famously ended up with SkullGreymon for his hotheadedness, looking at the spectrum of leads from the genre you can definitely see a pattern with a few notable exceptions including Yu-Gi-Oh's Yugi and Yusei.
Character development has saved most of these characters from the scrap heap but Tyson never changes, yeah he can back up his skills but in all three seasons especially V-Force and G-Revolution, his entire journey is learning to not be a colossal prick to everyone, the sad thing is, that's probably why Beyblade switched to a new generation, it would just be repeating the same tired formula every time and fans will soon tell you when a show has reached it's limits.
As stale as the Metal Fight Beyblade seasons were, they had a longer run because Gingka Hagane is a much more pleasant protagonist to be around and it's why (at least in Japan) Beyblade is still going today.

Mathilda Should've Been the 5th Bladebreaker

Yes, the pixie Beyblader of Barthez Battalion, Mathilda should've been the 5th Bladebreaker.

The Barthez Battalion is a team with a history of cheating although looking at Mathilda and even the other team members, it's clear that it's against their will, Mathilda getting hit particularly hard by this when she's told to shatter her Beyblade to take out Daichi, but her teammates share a strong enough bond to band together and get her back on her feet, expect team reviews to follow these character reviews as Barthez Battalion is fascinating to analyse compared to real life sports teams.
Now why do I think she's suitable for the Bladebreakers?
1. Her design shouts marketable beyblader as she looks most the part compared to the others, the designs of the other female characters make it obvious they were designed for a themed team but Mathilda can be any team as her design is contemporary for the franchise she's in.
2. Her design itself is sporty and has the one thing missing from an anime like this, goggles, she also has an obvious pink ranger vibe and comes into the team with a clean slate so good news shippers, she can be paired with any one.
3. If you don't believe me on her design, sequel series Metal Fight Beyblade's main female Madoka Amano is basically Mathilda as a brunette with added mechanic skills.
4. She's just flat out adorable, although I prefer Mariam and Julia as characters, Mathilda is a worthy bronze medal.
But were stuck with Scrappy-Doo Daichi, so what can you do?