Victory Script - Dream in Seventh Heaven

It's been far too long since I last talked about a quality anime episode as we look at OVA Episode 2 of King of Bandits Jing - Dream in Seventh Heaven.

Jing and Kir are in solitary confinement as Campari shows them a vision of the past to a time when Jing and Kir first met.
In the vision, Jing is given an egg by his friends but end up being punished by the big sister of the group Cassis; Jing has his right arm hidden in his jacket, this is because he received a parcel from his mother on his tenth birthday from a mysterious postman, said postman gave the instructions of, "It'll be needed for your right hand and your hand will know when it is needed, which explains why Jing is covering it up, said gift is a Crime Royale firearm, the wholesome moment is broken when Kir awakens and makes fun of Jing for being a mommies boy, Kir still in the egg is asked by Cassis whether Kir is a boy or a girl, Kir hasn't decided so then asks her what is needed to be extra special friends with her in which she replys a boy, the peace is interrupted by a pompous police officer who mistakes Jing for a kidnapper, but is quickly dispatched by Jing and his friends with Cassis' bat, but Cassis gets kidnapped from under them, Jing along with Kir track her down to an area where townsfolk are turning into trees and women are being petrified into statues, Jing discovers the source being a tree monster who has Cassis captive, Jing's right arm glows which prompts him to use the Crime Royale only for the monster to destroy it, Kir inspired by Jing's bravery finally hatches and combines with Jing's arm to fire a powerful energy blast called the Kir Royale, saving Cassis and destroying the monster.
Jing then gives the postman the gun asking him to deliver back to Jing in twenty years, as he leaves, the postman remarks that being with Kir suits him.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. With the series being unfinished story wise, it's still unclear why Jing has this power in his right arm.
2. It's been widely speculated that the Postman, known in the anime as Postino is actually Jing's father.
3. This is probably one of very few times where I've seen a character allowed to choose their gender.
Overall the episode fits surprisingly well into the OVA despite having no relation to the Seventh Heaven story as it was a standalone chapter in the manga.

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