Defeat Script - My Name is Konohamaru

They can't all be good episodes, here is Naruto episode 2 - My Name is Konohamaru.

Naruto having now graduated to Genin is getting his licence registered by the 3rd Hokage but he asks Naruto to retake the photo, Naruto tries sexy no jutsu but it does very little, Konohamaru shows up to challenge the 3rd, who is his grandfather but trips on his scarf, Konohamaru immediately blames Naruto but Naruto just smacks him not caring about his position as the 3rd's grandson.
Ebisu arrives to try and persuade Konohamaru that Naruto is beneath them but he has already gone with Naruto on a hang about around town, Naruto even teaches Konohamaru the sexy no jutsu, all the while 3rd talks to Iruka about how difficult Naruto has it with the nine tailed beast inside him.
Later on Konohamaru explains that he wants the Hokage title to show he is more than just the 3rd's grandson but Naruto says he'll definitely get it first.
Ebisu finally catches up to them but after insulting Naruto, Naruto battles Ebisu with his shadow clone jutsu, Ebisu proves to be no slouch so Naruto pulls a Harem no jutsu causing him to faint.
Konohamaru concedes he has a long way to go and he and Naruto declare each other rivals.
Two Takeaways from this episode.
1. Konohamaru's desire to be more than just Hokage's grandson becomes Boruto's main motivation for becoming Hokage as being more than Naruto's son.
2. If I had watched this from the start, I would've dropped this anime like a stone, it's one of the worst starts to an anime I've ever seen and it's any wonder it found an audience, goes to show how hype the Chuunin Exam really was.

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