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Victory Script - The Story of the Blue World

After much editing, it's time to look at Episode 12 of Amanchu - The Story of the Blue World.
Spoiler warning in effect.

The day of the open diving course arrives and Futaba is nervous and excited to get started as the group arrives early, as with the previous testing at the pool, Futaba goes through all the buddy checks with Pikari and goes through all the procedures of air checking and mask clearing.
At it's peak, Futaba goes through all the motions of entering the dark sea floor but with Pikari guiding her and reassurance from the air bubbles produced by the other divers, she enters the diving world at the sea floor.
Afterwards she is awarded her license as a certified diver, the episode ends with a heart to heart between Futaba and Pikari.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. I say spoiler only because it's the final episode, there is a season 2.
2. I've not seen season 2 yet but I'll be upset if Pikari and Futaba don't end up being an official couple.
3. This series had the perfect build up to a satisfying ending, even though the diving aspect of the anime isn't as prominent as advertised it doesn't matter as the journey from being separated from precious friends into an unfamiliar seaside town to finding a life long friend and a life time of memories to follow.
At that point the diving is a mutual interest that could easily be inserted by another activity, essentially this is the best example of the ending being "the friends we make along the way" and only a true slice of life can offer that.

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