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Victory Script - Dream in Seventh Heaven

It's been far too long since I last talked about a quality anime episode as we look at OVA Episode 2 of King of Bandits Jing - Dream in Seventh Heaven.

Jing and Kir are in solitary confinement as Campari shows them a vision of the past to a time when Jing and Kir first met.
In the vision, Jing is given an egg by his friends but end up being punished by the big sister of the group Cassis; Jing has his right arm hidden in his jacket, this is because he received a parcel from his mother on his tenth birthday from a mysterious postman, said postman gave the instructions of, "It'll be needed for your right hand and your hand will know when it is needed, which explains why Jing is covering it up, said gift is a Crime Royale firearm, the wholesome moment is broken when Kir awakens and makes fun of Jing for being a mommies boy, Kir still in the egg is asked by Cassis whether Kir is a boy or a girl, Kir hasn't decided so then asks her what is needed to be extra special friends with her in which she replys a boy, the peace is interrupted by a pompous police officer who mistakes Jing for a kidnapper, but is quickly dispatched by Jing and his friends with Cassis' bat, but Cassis gets kidnapped from under them, Jing along with Kir track her down to an area where townsfolk are turning into trees and women are being petrified into statues, Jing discovers the source being a tree monster who has Cassis captive, Jing's right arm glows which prompts him to use the Crime Royale only for the monster to destroy it, Kir inspired by Jing's bravery finally hatches and combines with Jing's arm to fire a powerful energy blast called the Kir Royale, saving Cassis and destroying the monster.
Jing then gives the postman the gun asking him to deliver back to Jing in twenty years, as he leaves, the postman remarks that being with Kir suits him.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. With the series being unfinished story wise, it's still unclear why Jing has this power in his right arm.
2. It's been widely speculated that the Postman, known in the anime as Postino is actually Jing's father.
3. This is probably one of very few times where I've seen a character allowed to choose their gender.
Overall the episode fits surprisingly well into the OVA despite having no relation to the Seventh Heaven story as it was a standalone chapter in the manga.

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Victory Script - The Story of the Blue World

After much editing, it's time to look at Episode 12 of Amanchu - The Story of the Blue World.
Spoiler warning in effect.

The day of the open diving course arrives and Futaba is nervous and excited to get started as the group arrives early, as with the previous testing at the pool, Futaba goes through all the buddy checks with Pikari and goes through all the procedures of air checking and mask clearing.
At it's peak, Futaba goes through all the motions of entering the dark sea floor but with Pikari guiding her and reassurance from the air bubbles produced by the other divers, she enters the diving world at the sea floor.
Afterwards she is awarded her license as a certified diver, the episode ends with a heart to heart between Futaba and Pikari.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. I say spoiler only because it's the final episode, there is a season 2.
2. I've not seen season 2 yet but I'll be upset if Pikari and Futaba don't end up being an official couple.
3. This series had the perfect build up to a satisfying ending, even though the diving aspect of the anime isn't as prominent as advertised it doesn't matter as the journey from being separated from precious friends into an unfamiliar seaside town to finding a life long friend and a life time of memories to follow.
At that point the diving is a mutual interest that could easily be inserted by another activity, essentially this is the best example of the ending being "the friends we make along the way" and only a true slice of life can offer that.

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Jing King of Bandits

Victory Script - Sakura's Heart Racing First Date

A look at Card Captor Sakura's episode 3 - Sakura's Heart Racing First Date.

The episode starts with Sakura's school going on a field trip to the Aquarium, Sakura's brother Touya is working there and it all seems wholesome until a trainer and a penguin get caught up in a vortex, Touya manages to save them.
Later that night Sakura discusses with Kero about the incident with Kero suspecting it being the work of the Watery Card but warns that it's quite violent.
Sakura is forced to flee when Touya arrives with Yukito to study, Sakura decides to make them pancakes which results in a mini date the following day back at the Aquarium's restaurant, in between school and the date, Tomoyo gets Sakura and Kero phones to stay in contact during card captures.
Watery attacks again, this time trapping Sakura but Yukito saves her by axeing open a fire door, Yukito apologises for not being able to eat shaved ice with her which gives her an idea.
At night fully dressed in jester gear, Sakura confronts Watery and forces a chase leading Watery into the freezer area behind the restaurant which freezes the card in place making it for an easy capture.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. First indication that Sakura's battle costume changes with nearly every episode, no other magical girl series did this until Uta-Kata, and would later become a successful staple of arcade anime card games like Pretty Rhythm and Aikatsu.
2. This is also the first hint that Yukito knows more than his cheerful clueless demeanour suggests.
3. It's a great indication of how well the series is paced as a whole, it does enough to stay invested in a three episode test and makes the danger factor serious but not enough to change the tone of the show.

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Defeat Script - Challenge of the Samurai

Now for some early instalment weirdness from Episode 4 of Pokemon Kanto - Challenge of the Samurai.

While travelling through Viridian Forest, Misty keeps getting startled by bug type Pokemon leading to the discovery of a Weedle, Pikachu isn't keen so Ash sends out Pidgeotto to fight it. Misty wanders off only to be confronted by a samurai who questions if she's from Pallet Town but when she says no, he continues to search until he confronts Ash.
This causes Weedle to flee which annoys Ash but Samurai is keen on battling Ash so the battle starts with Pidgeotto against Pinsir, Pinsir easily takes down Pidgeotto so Ash sends out Metapod as Pikachu still refuses to fight.
Metapod breaks Pinsir's Pincers and the match descends into an endless harden battle between two Metapods, the scene also involves Misty sunbathing in a bikini with Pikachu.
The battle is interrupted by a swarm of Beedrill forcing the group to flee to Samurai's cabin, however the Beedrill have taken Ash's Metapod.
Samurai and Ash argue with Samurai calling Ash a novice compared to the three trainers he was defeated by previously from Pallet Town.
Ash unable to sleep goes out to find Metapod the next morning only to be interrupted by Team Rocket doing their motto for the first time, this does enough to wake the Beedrill, Ash flees with Metapod in his arms, Metapod stares at him in pity but Ash says it was Samurai's fault, but he soon realizes that he should stop making excuses and own up to his mistakes, this gives Metapod the will to throw himself at Beedrill's Twineedle damaging him, this leaves a crack in his shell causing Metapod to evolve into Butterfree who promptly puts the swarm of Beedrill to sleep.
Samurai impressed with Ash's actions and handling of Butterfree that he shows him the route out of Viridian Forest.
The episode ends with Team Rocket stuck with the Swarm having also been put to sleep.
Four takeaways from this episode.
1. It really is Samurai's fault, Ash was in this situation to begin with.
2. Samurai was prepared to do more than cause Metapod to faint, the sword is a little much as well, you wonder if this is how he challenges everyone, restraint or not, he's threatening trainers to battle him with a sword.
3. Ash actually swears in this episode, he says "Cut the Crap" in the earliest installments but was likely removed later.
4. Ash says to himself he shouldn't make excuses but it isn't until Orange Islands that he actually takes his own advice when Lorelei opens his eyes to what he's been doing, that'll be a future episode on Victory Script.

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Card Captor Sakura.

Defeat Script - My Name is Konohamaru

They can't all be good episodes, here is Naruto episode 2 - My Name is Konohamaru.

Naruto having now graduated to Genin is getting his licence registered by the 3rd Hokage but he asks Naruto to retake the photo, Naruto tries sexy no jutsu but it does very little, Konohamaru shows up to challenge the 3rd, who is his grandfather but trips on his scarf, Konohamaru immediately blames Naruto but Naruto just smacks him not caring about his position as the 3rd's grandson.
Ebisu arrives to try and persuade Konohamaru that Naruto is beneath them but he has already gone with Naruto on a hang about around town, Naruto even teaches Konohamaru the sexy no jutsu, all the while 3rd talks to Iruka about how difficult Naruto has it with the nine tailed beast inside him.
Later on Konohamaru explains that he wants the Hokage title to show he is more than just the 3rd's grandson but Naruto says he'll definitely get it first.
Ebisu finally catches up to them but after insulting Naruto, Naruto battles Ebisu with his shadow clone jutsu, Ebisu proves to be no slouch so Naruto pulls a Harem no jutsu causing him to faint.
Konohamaru concedes he has a long way to go and he and Naruto declare each other rivals.
Two Takeaways from this episode.
1. Konohamaru's desire to be more than just Hokage's grandson becomes Boruto's main motivation for becoming Hokage as being more than Naruto's son.
2. If I had watched this from the start, I would've dropped this anime like a stone, it's one of the worst starts to an anime I've ever seen and it's any wonder it found an audience, goes to show how hype the Chuunin Exam really was.

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