Hello everyone, yes, I sort of backed out of the Role-Play and decided to keep this account due to the aaaaaaamazing friends I've made along the way,

Yun-Yun, that's you.

I'm sorry I'm such a loser, I just didn't talk to anyone in the RP outside of my own little "squad". I am still your Fukutaichou. And don't you forget it. :) Welcome to my real self. Being Yachiru was entirely tiring every single time I came on. I'm not that hyper person anymore (unless you get me all riled up. Then that's t-r-o-u-b-l-e.) so Yachiru doesn't exactly fit me. I'm also no disclosing my real name, still call me Yachi if you will. And to my men, I am their Fukutaichou!

Also, I will continue to Role-Play every now and then with you guys if you so wish it. (No longer with Skype though, sorry :/ computer crashed last year) This sounds more like a post than an introduction... but hell, welcome to my Whole New World!


Okay, so sorry for the half a year hiatus I gave no warning that I was going to take. Thank you for all of the wonderful presents all those months ago. I sort of suck guys, I'm really sorry. I'll confide that this was my last year in high school, I graduated, and this past year has been hell. I'm a total bum out in the real world so I spent all of my free time writing fanfiction scrounging around for grades. Managed to pass all but one class because I took out my shnazzy iPhone when I was done with my final exam in Mythology. Complete overreaction from my teacher, I have way too much pride to cheat on a test and everyone around me was done as well. OHWELLIGOTAZERO. HARHARHAR. Happened six months ago so it doesn't even matter. Still kicked ass at getting by in Crime Literature as well as Film Appreciation. And I got to finally see Shaun of the Dead. Great movie, love Simon Pegg.


xoxo, Me.


That's right, hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses to those I've made friends with, and just hugs to those I'm hoping to make! I'm sorry to say but I'm severely lacking friends... I've got my beautiful Yun-Yun, he still sends gifts... the sweetheart <3 SO. I'm going to give you my online dating profile, I mean... I bit about the real me :)

Name: Something starting with an A

Age: 18 (or around there)

Hair: Tawny

Eye: Brown

Music: Alt Rock
Colour: Deep Pink and Silver
Food: Desserts... that part of my Yachiru life was actually true.
Movie: Anonymous

I also like long walks on the beach, climbing trees, and playing video games.

My talents include, uhhh, Role-Playing? I know... sad right?


That is the general consensus about me, myself, and I. Ciao~