Welcome to Valhalla, a World dedicated to the manga series Vinland Saga. What is Vinland Saga? A Viking manga, of course! This World shall showcase the many aspects of the series from the story setting, plot and even the loyal fans.

There are guest poster spots available, for those who wish to get in on the action first hand. If you have story lines, historical information or think you can whip up a character bio, then contact Nehszriah for further discussion.


Vinland Saga is a Mature-rated manga by Yukimura Makoto that currently runs in the monthly anthology Afternoon. As of late, the series contains regular graphic violence of the sword-and-axe-meets-limbs kind. If this sort of story and art makes you uncomfortable, it may be wise to choose another manga to invest your time in. There is also nudity in conjunction with slavery. You have kindly been warned.


What You Need to Know

Vinland Saga: What You Need to Know SPOILER WARNING: Mainly, just some of the quasi-spoiler intricacies of the story tha...

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