Hello~! U-Kiss is a 7 member Kpop boy group that has gone through many changes over the years but that never seems to relinquish my love for them(: This world is dedicated to them and will include posts about their profiles, updates, music videos, etc. although they could take a while because there are days when I can't always get on. Which is why I need guests posters! So if you want to help then please PM me!!

I don't mind debates over whether a song is good, another group is better, or whatever but please don't get too heated over it.

Please support U-Kiss <3

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The Facts • Full Name: Lee Ki-Seop • Date of Birth: January 17, 1991 • Height: 180cm / 5’ 11 Feet. • Weight: 61kg / 134 Pounds • Blood Type: A • Religi...

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Oh my goodness, here I go again! (I'm getting annoying aren't I? lol) [credit to rocketboxx.net] Cutie Maknae Dongho <3 Favorite color is pink. ☆ He is the Maknae or youngest of the group. ☆ He studied in B...

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Two posts in one day?! whoaa, I'm an overachiever ;D Haha anyways, if you haven't read the first post about Kevin-do it! Now! Here's Eli: Here's...

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First Post- Kevin

For those who do not know, Kevin: So, I decided to go with Kevin first just because, Idk XD He was just the one I picked. Soo, here's some quotes and facts ...

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