This is where I will be posting lots of Tutorials and References that I find useful!

Although a good bit will be focused on Digital Art, Traditional artists can still benefit from some tutorials, like anatomy studies!

What you'll find here:

Anatomy Tutorials
Background Tutorials
Color Theory Studies
Lighting Tutorials
Value Tutorials
Digital Art Tools Tutorials
Landscape References
Hands and Feet References
Still Life References
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Q: I was linked to a tutorial here via critique. Does that mean I'm bad?
A: OF COURSE NOT! Every artist is unique, but every artist struggles in one aspect in some way. Every situation is different! This is an opportunity to improve and apply what you learn to your style!

Q: Can I link others to your posts here?
A: Most Definitely!!! Be courteous when you do so! Some people may be more offended than grateful. Ask the artist beforehand to see if they WANT it.

Reference: Big Cats

External Image
Original Reference

This is an AMAZING reference that compares the many differences between a lot of Big Cats! I found this extremely helpful since I have a few animals that are fashioned around a Tiger and Cougar (which now my be redesigned because I kinda like the cheetah, ounce, and leopard). Were any of these surprising to you?

Hope you find this helpful!

Reference: Face Lighting

External Image
Original Tutorial

Here is a simple and fantastic tutorial/reference about Lighting's effect on the face! I decided to try a new lighting techniqueHere. (I still need some practice lol)

Hope this helps you!

Tutorial: Clothing Folds

External Image
Original Tutorial

Hi there! One of nearly every beginner's weaknesses is where to place clothing folds! Even I am still practicing this: Here and Here. I REALLY love this tutorial because it covers almost all of the common mistakes a beginner makes. Hope you find this tutorial as beneficial as it is to me!

Male Anatomy: Abdominal Muscles

First Tutorial! Yay!

External Image
Original Tutorial

I know that the HARDEST thing for me to figure out is how to draw men that aren't all scrawny or bishonen lol So, here is a tutorial to make your men show more muscle and give them more variety (because not all men's abs are the same!)This is one of my favorite tutorials due to how in depth they go into it! Hope you benefit from this as well!