Hello! Welcome to the official Turning Tide Studio World <3

What is Turning Tide Studio?
Well, me of course! Turning Tide Studio creates WebToons and Illustrations!

Here, I will make official updates on when things are posted outside of here. It will also be a little hub for behind the scenes stuff I publicly post about.

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LWLAM: Update

I just uploaded the WIPs to my patreon! The entire first episode of chapter 2 has been lined <3 Super excited to be over this hurdle!

I am hoping to have the episode finished completely by the end of the month if I keep to my schedule (unlike last update about the episode lol).

Posting Hiatus


I will be going on a posting hiatus for a short while so I can focus on my commission backlog. I will still be around, but not posting art (unless the finished commission turned out to my liking to post).

As of today, 9/28/20, I have 8 remaining.


I am almost done with knocking out two commissions together. I just got the final approval to finish these two. I have forgotten how frustrating it is to wait for checkpoint approvals, especially with time zone barriers.

As of today, 10/12/20, I have 5 remaining excluding the ones being completed this evening.

Life with Love and Magic Update!

I am making progress in my webtoon Life with Love and Magic! Currently, I just finished lining part 1 of 5 of Chapter 2's first episode :)

Hopefully, I can finish lining before the end of this week.

WIP: Darkened Deet

External Image

Here is a WIP of a tribute to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, which shortly after receiving an Emmy for Best Children's Show, has been cancelled and will not receive the long awaited second season.

I am super angry. I am hurt. I mourn for the show's creators to be denied continuation. And finally, I am SO HURT that I will never know what is to come of Deet!

So. Here is my tribute: Darkened Deet. Still a work in progress, but I love it so far.