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Hi, so I'm Sarah. There's nothing more to it, and I can bet you will never find a nickname for me that will stick, but oh well. I am cursed, haha. I like to make jokes and talk about anime and japan and japanese stuff, face it I'm a japanefile. lol! I'm always serching for some good tunes so if you are really obsessing over something suggest it to me! I used to have a top sexy list but that was demolished when I read too many mangas. lol, I'll just name some of my all time favorite charaters I can rememeber.

♥Light Yagami, Abel Nightroad, Spike Speagle, Hiruma Yoishi, Ren Tsuruga, Ichimaru Gin♥

So feel free to chat with me anytime, I love new friends and dont forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe XD thanks so much, bye bye!

IM me anytime, s/n- Trinityxlight

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chocolate milk cereal

oops i didn't have any normal milk oh well

i've been getting into the da

i have like a million collection bins, it's quite funny in all actuality :D

Spazzy video

lol anyways i have a home game today lol. i can't wait :3 i should get some pix up of me ill do that now i guess.......kay well im in uniform i acctually got the number i wanted this year, yey go number THREE!

he he.

long time ago.
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new hair!

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goofyness :D
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kay guyss guess that's it for now check ya later :D

Miss me?

*mwahhhh mwahhh*****


I'VE MISSED YOU TERRIBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so anyways I had my second softball game today and I played left feilder for 3 WHOLE INNINGS

and if that's not enough we WOOONNN

get this the score was 7 to 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!



anything good down your ally latly????

oh jeeze i feel like ive missed so much so keep me up to date with everything.!!!

see ya :D

Sarah Offline

Due to the porn virus inflicted to my poor beloved computer it is no longer available to operate.

I am sorry my fellow otakuians for my absence to this site, but it must continue for the computer is only being tended to recently.


in other news,

the egg is the holy greil don't forget it!

mwahhaha :D

te hee~

im board, sexysesshomaru came over for like a lot of break so far and ive been kicking ass on star wars its sooooo much fun i love it lol

i keep thinking about it too.

i was about to color eggs but we had to go i cant wait to go back and color them lol.......hmm im board

lol im super bopard and the vaca has just begun :D


I juse realized I havn't posted in a while lol

well ive been avioding it sorta lol

idk. i try lol.

ANYWAYS! im so fed up with all this porn everwhere it's pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so my moms bf son is here becuz he got back from the army and he's working on his car, putting in new seats stereo system the works, well this kid is like so fucking horny, he keeps downloading FUCKING porn and it's slowing the computer down sooooooooooo bad

it's not fair DX

only when he fucking comes damn it


i missed school today

grr i just realized how angry i am. im going now, back to reading mahou sensei negima. lol