Turn Over Transfer Bonus or Give Up Money for the Rest of the Year

While Kylian Mbappe issued an ultimatum to leave Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the club's president, Naser Al-Kerraifi, is also trying to prevent maximum financial losses.

"PSG wants part of Mbappe's transfer bonus," Spanish soccer media Get Spanish Football News said on the 16th. This seems to be to get back at least part of the amount the club has invested in Mbappe so far.

Mbappe signed a two-year contract with a one-year extension option back in 2022. Hence, he is expected to play for PSG up to 2025. However, when Mbappe refused to agree to extend his contract last summer and showed willingness to leave the team as a free agent in the summer of 2024, PSG also felt a great deal of pressure.

This is because the amount Mbappe has earned at PSG so far is beyond imagination. According to the soccer finance platform 'Carpology', he signed a contract renewal in 2022 and will receive about 190 billion won in annual salary, including 72 million euros (about 100 billion won) in basic salary and 60 million euros in bonuses (about 86 billion won). Now that he is in his second year, PSG has spent 380 billion won after renewing his contract just for Mbappe's salary.

He received a high salary even before he renewed his contract. He was paid as much as 32 million euros (45.9 billion won) in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. This translates into 610,000 euros (40.7 million won) per week.

However, as Mbappe showed his willingness to leave the team as an FA, PSG will not be able to return much of the amount it poured into Mbappe.

PSG tried to be rich by selling Mbappe at a high price, but Mbappe's choice has ruined all his dreams of collecting money. Global sports media "The Athletic" reported on the 16th that "Kylian Mbappe told PSG that he would leave the club after this season when his contract expires," and reported Mbappe's official request for transfer.

As a result, Kelaifi also seems to be trying to reduce his financial losses. "The president of PSG discussed the financial aspect of Mbappe's transfer decision and asked him to hand over some of the transfer bonuses he would receive if he sacrificed financially or moved to a new club for the rest of the year," said Get Spanish Football News.

Meanwhile, the most likely destination for Mbappe is Real Madrid of Spain. Real Madrid is ready to make Mbappe the highest paid player in its history to recruit Mbappe, a world-renowned soccer star.

"Everyone knows that Real Madrid wants to sign Mbappe," said Cabe Schollhekol, a senior reporter for Sky Sports. "Mbappe has been talking to Real for a long time because he has been able to talk to other clubs since January when his contract expires this summer." 토토사이트

"According to our information, Real is ready to make Mbappe the highest-paid player in the club's history, but even a huge club like Real cannot afford to pay the same amount of money as Mbappe earned at PSG," he added.

While Mbappe is expected to leave PSG and join Real, PSG, who has been responsible for his growth, is suffering from headaches about how to make up for the financial loss.