'Over 40 Years of Waiting' Aston Villa to enter first UCL since 1983

Aston Villa, the English Premier League EPL, has qualified for the UEFA Champions League UCL, the stage of dreams, for the next season after more than 40 years of waiting. Coach Unai Emery and his players burst into laughter.

Tottenham was completely defeated 0-2 in the 34th round match against EPL Manchester City hereinafter Manchester City in the 2023-24 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 15th .

Tottenham, ranked fifth, recorded 19 wins, 6 draws and 12 losses 63 points, and Aston Villa 68 points ranked fourth regardless of the remaining games.

On this day, the Aston Villa team gathered at Villa Park, their home stadium, to watch the result of the match between Tottenham and Manchester City. After Manchester City's victory was confirmed, the team, including manager Herreri, and club officials cheered with celebration. 토토사이트

It is the first time that Aston Villa will play in the UEFA Champions League since the 1982-83 season. Back then, it was during the European Cup, not the current UCL. It is the first time since the name was changed from the European Cup to the Champions League in 1992.

Aston Villa reached the top of the European Cup once in the 1981-82 season.

After more than 40 years of waiting, the Aston Villa squad were thrilled.

"Today is a very special day," Emery said. "It was our dream to play in the UCL. Aston Villa will be able to face the best teams in the world in the Champions League. It is amazing."

"I'm proud of our players and fans, everyone, and I'm really grateful," he said. "I'll make a new dream again just like Aston Villa won in 1982."

Captain John McGinn said, "It's been an amazing season on behalf of all the players." We were once in the Championship part two but we won promotion, and now thankfully we've achieved something that we haven't achieved in 40 years. I'm really pleased."

Brazen Basketball Association Trying to Surpass Suspicion of 3-3 Preferential Selection

Basketball Association Holds Preferential Selection Controversy Evaluation Meeting
Manager Lee Seung-joon's position without any special measures
Lee Seung-joon said, "Select controversial player, feel complacent"

The Korea Basketball Association (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-woon) has been under fire for consistently not knowing about the controversy over the preferential selection of 3-on-3 men's basketball players.

The national team, led by coach Lee Seung-joon (46), was eliminated from the group stage after losing consecutive games to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, which are considered weak, at the 2024 FIBA 3-on-3 Asia Cup in Singapore last month.

Suspicions of preferential treatment arose as Lim Won-joon, who has a special relationship with coach Lee, was selected in the process of selecting players.

Suspicions are rising that Lee might have given preferential treatment to Lim Won-joon, who is serving as a coach at his skill training academy, as a member of the national team. As a result, the coach claims that Kim Jeong-nyeon, who ranks first in the 3-to-3 rankings in Korea, has been excluded.

Lee and his younger siblings, Lee Dong-joon and Lim Won-joon, are the coaches at the academy's website and social networking sites. They are so close that they have played for the same three-to-three team before.

A source at the association said at the time, "The selection strongly reflected the coach's intention. It can be considered as 100 percent. Although some members of the performance improvement committee had negative opinions on the selection of Lim, we decided to give him strength as it was Lee's first competition."

Lim Won-joon showed below-level performance that was not suitable for the national team, and suspicions of preferential treatment spread further.

After the competition ended, the association held a evaluation meeting late on the 19th to review the competition and the selection process of players. Some members did not attend the competition again.

The association organized the competition with a press release representing Lee's position without any clear position or action.

"It is true that the controversial player worked at the same coaching academy," Lee said through the association. "I admit that he failed to show the performance that I expected," adding, "I was complacent because he left the coaching academy while taking charge of the national team, but I should have made a more careful judgment. I will pay close attention to prevent such controversy from happening again."

There was no action or disciplinary action, and the association did not include any position on the suspicion of preferential treatment. If it was a popular sport like baseball and soccer, it is difficult to imagine. 토토사이트

The association concluded with the statement, "In the wake of the Asian Cup's sluggish performance, Shim Chan-gu, chairman of the performance improvement committee, and members agreed on the need for mid- to long-term plans to reinforce the poor three-to-three leagues in Korea and the lack of players. We agreed to revitalize the domestic league and intensively foster promising professional players and ordered the establishment of measures at the association level."

Meanwhile, suspicions were raised that the association appointed Lee without clearly confirming the requirements for Lee's leadership career during the leadership contest.

The 23rd attack point of the season, Messi's partner

Manchester City defeated Huddersfield Town (minor league) 5-0 in the third round (round of 64) of the 2023-24 English FA Cup held at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England at 11 p.m. on the 7th . Manchester City successfully advanced to the round of 32.

Manchester City deployed a large number of rotations. Álvarez was chosen as the vanguard to take down Huddersfield. Álvarez was active in the front line and made it difficult for Huddersfield by exchanging seats with his teammates.

Phil Foden scored in the 33rd minute of the first half to take the lead. One more goal was needed to secure a clear win in the first half. The fixer was Álvarez. Álvarez made it 2-0 in the 37th minute when he sensibly finished Manchester City's attack. This gave Manchester City players an early break.

Álvarez Jr. replaced Kevin De Bruyne at the 12th minute in the second half, finishing the match as well. Álvarez has been displaying tremendous scoring capability lately. After leading Manchester City to the championship by scoring two goals and one assist in the FIFA Club World Cup final match against Fluminensee, Álvarez scored in all three of the matches. 토토사이트

He has also scored six goals and seven assists in 19 matches in the Premier League, and has seven goals and three assists in 10 matches in various cup competitions including the UEFA Champions League. Alvarez has displayed impressive performance with 13 goals and 10 assists in 29 matches.

Álvarez was properly recognized as Messi's partner in Argentina, as he clearly assisted Lionel Messi at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. Thanks to Álvarez's performance, Messi was able to shine, and Argentina was able to head to the championship.

Why the U.S. media was surprised by a 136.6m home run

The U.S. media was surprised by Ohtani Shohei's big home run. Coincidentally, he hit a 136.6m large home run at bat on the day when the news broke that Otani himself asked the club to postpone his start once.

Otani appeared as the second designated hitter against the Houston Astros in the "2023 Major League" at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on the 14th and hit a large home run with a distance of 136.6 meters.

Ohtani asked the club to postpone his start once before the match. Coach Phil Nevin said in a pre-match briefing, "Ottani complained of arm fatigue. It's not pain or injury. He explained, "I've only skipped starting once due to fatigue." The club drew a line about the injury, but it was a matter of concern.

Ohtani hit a home run even in this situation. MLB reported, "Ottani hit his 41st home run despite arm fatigue." "Ottani was originally scheduled to start the game against the Texas Rangers on the 16th," MLB said. "He will return to the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Angel Stadium on the 22nd or 23rd," he said. Otani reportedly told the club on the 13th that he would like to filter out the starting rotation once.

The home run came in his third at-bat in the sixth inning. Otani picked out a cutter that came in high on the first pitch against Parker Musinsky. When the second slider came in at a similar height, he did not miss it. Otani's ball flew 448 feet (about 136.6 meters) at a speed of 110.2 miles per hour.

It is his 41st home run in 10-9 games since his 40th home run of the season against Seattle on August 4. In addition to this home run, Ohtani finished the game with one hit (home run) in three at-bats, one walk, one RBI, and one strikeout. The Angels won 2-1, escaping their second straight loss.

"It was a great swing," coach Nevin said of Otani's home run. Arm fatigue has nothing to do with hitting. "It's not an injury, it's just fatigue," he said, drawing a line on injury concerns. 토토사이트

He also told reporters, "As I've told you many times, Otani knows his body better than anyone else. I believed him when I heard the request for a postponement. He said it was neither pain nor injury. "It's just a cumulative symptom of fatigue that pitchers can sometimes experience," he stressed.

A night with new history

Gangwon FC coach Yoon Jung-hwan shares his joy with the players after winning the Ulsan Hyundai match on the 12th.

Gangwon's team is sharing its joy after winning the match against Ulsan on the 12th.

Gangwon FC, led by head coach Yoon Jung-hwan (50), aims to turn around in the second half with a new history.

The bottom of professional football K-League 1 has changed once again. Gangwon won 2-0 in the 26th round of the K League 1 against Ulsan Hyundai at Gangneung Stadium on the 12th. Gangwon beat Ulsan, the "first-tier" by tying goals by Seo Min-woo in the first half and Yago in the second half.

Gangwon added three points for the first time since the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai on April 29. He also broke the long 16 consecutive games without wins (7 draws and 9 losses). Coach Yoon Jung-hwan also enjoyed his first victory after five draws and two losses since taking office on June 15. It drew more attention in that his first victory as a coach was against Ulsan, his former team and No. 1 player. At the same time, it was the first time that Gangwon, which was founded in 2008, beat Ulsan in a league home game. Gangwon again ranked 11th in the league (3 wins, 11 draws, 12 losses, and 20 points) with the victory. It was literally a night of new history.

Gangwon showed a steady performance against Ulsan. He gave up the ball possession, but he was far ahead in shooting and effective shooting. Gangwon made 11 out of 19 shots with effective shots. Compared to the fact that only two of Ulsan's seven shots were effective shots, the difference was quite large. Without Ulsan goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo's good defense show, the difference could have widened. It was literally an efficient counterattack.

Two months ago, head coach Yoon Jung-hwan said in his inauguration, "There is a lot of perception that Gangwon is defensive. Even so, it would have been better to counterattack more efficiently. "It's not a problem with owning the ball, but we need to score as soon as possible to bring about results (victory)." In fact, Seo Min-woo, who scored the first goal in the first half with a counterattack, explained in an interview with the broadcaster after the game, "I promised to score additional points, not just to protect (the first goal)."

Gangwon Seo Min-woo, the hero of the first goal against Ulsan on the 12th, is taking a commemorative photo after winning.

The Gangwon team is holding a group ceremony in front of fans after winning the Ulsan Hyundai match on the 12th. 스포츠토토

Coach Yoon Jung-hwan was appointed during the season and even ace Yang Hyun-joon (Celtic) left the team. However, he made a turnaround by beating No. 1 Ulsan by fulfilling his pledge. Fans who visited the stadium shed tears and shared joy with the team.

As a result of the 26th round, the gap between Suwon FC, Gangwon FC, and Suwon Samsung, which are ranked 10th to 12th in the league this season, has narrowed further. This means that the lowest name tag can be changed depending on the result of each game. At the same time, all three bottom teams are making a turnaround once in the second half. It is expected that there will be more fierce competition in the K League 1.