Story Outline

Protagonists' Storyline

This will be a brief outline of the direction I want this epic tale to take! This is meant to help us along and remind us of what we are trying to accomplish. These events need to happen, but I want each of you to add your own things in your chapters, too! You have full creative liberty otherwise. Just remember, this story isn't meant to take forever to write. It is supposed to end.

The following events are in chronological order.

  • from a human's perspective, escaping something. then switches to antagonists' POV. the human is killed. fast forward to a scene where the antagonists are making a public speech to the townsfolk the next day, acting like nothing happened. the townsfolk seem approving of the antagonists.
  • four introduction posts, one from each prisoner's POV. a short background of them, and detailing how/why they got thrown in prison.
  • scenes of the different kings at a meeting, discussing the human attacks. they choose a method of action. send out the prisoners to do their dirty work, offer their freedom in exchange for this act of community service. avidius has suggested this idea to the kings. a few guards will be chosen to accompany the prisoners and make sure they follow orders.
  • brellin's POV. he is told the news and is released from prison and given the briefing. we learn that avidius, one of the town guards, chosen to accompany brellin, is in cahoots with him.
  • antagonists' POV, they are doing humanitarian acts for the halfling citizens of a town, and then they are approached by some guards. they make a quick exit.
  • a few posts about brellin and avidius travelling to the other prisoners and guards, meeting them, first impressions
  • a post from each of the other prisoners' POV, them waiting to be let out, being paired with their guard, waiting for the group to come pick them up from their respective cities
  • order of release/posts:
  • Brellin with Avidius
  • Stenvar with Perien
  • Zaria with Sethisea
  • Drulvan (no guard accompanies)
  • after Drulvan is picked up, the prisoners are fitted with their choice armor and weapons and are ready to start the quest
  • travel to first big town, apparently the bad guys just left. look around town for info on where they might be headed next. we see that many halfling citizens are starting to take the bad guys' side.
  • troubling journey to next town, they are all worn-down
  • the bad guys are not even at the next town, and as they interrogate the citizens about them, they are met with slight opposition. the citizens apparently see the antagonists as a group of Robin Hoods, and maybe humans are evil, after all.
  • the prisoners are allowed a night of fun at a tavern, and they all bond over drinks and song. spirits lifted. set out with new purpose the next day.
  • soon after, get pursued by a dragon (specific dragon pokemon pending), have good morale and luck through most of it, then things get worse
  • gotta recover and heal wounds, everybody's frustrated
  • later that night they all talk while other guards are asleep - avidius has the night watch - "let's just kill em and run, we don't have to do this task, we can escape" Stenvar isn't on board, infuriated, he'll singlehandedly finish this if he has to, he storms off alone, they all let him
  • next morning, other guards freak about stenvar leaving, "we have to catch up to him"
  • *major spoilers* when they catch up to stenvar he is dying quickly of a tragic poison wound, they are not able to save him. he dies!! sad, but they set off with stronger resolve to complete the mission

**end of predetermined events**
(the rest is pending)