Rupert Uinzaa Chapter 5

It's Adventure Time! (But not the one you're thinking of)

I slammed the alarm clock switch down. Hopefully no-one heard that.
Okay. There's no turning back now, especially as I've bought the plane tickets. Here goes.
I dragged my suitcase out from under the bed and put some clothes on. Hopefully Edward wouldn't be back yet. Then I could have a good cover story.
Next, I left my room and went to find the zip wire. Since the Royal Palace was old and there was no room for lifts, we had fixed up zip wires to help us get down to places. There should be one a couple of windows away.
Wait a minute, why didn't I think of this before?
Okay, so the plan was very risky, and time might have rendered the ropes unusable, but it was worth a try.
Step 1; zip wire down to the ground. Luckily the washing lines we used were still safe. I hid my suitcase in a bush and carved "RU was here" into a nearby tree just in case I forgot where the suitcase was. Then, I untied the line from the pole it was attached to. Then I remembered something.
Step 2; go back inside (after retrieving the suitcase) and dismantle the zip wire connecting the 1st and 2nd floors. Since the guards knew who I was, they just let me in. Luckily they didn't ask why.
Continuing being as quiet as a mouse, I first creeped over to the old nursery and opened the toy cupboard.
"Poop." Several toys had spilled out of the cupboard-making a noise as they did so. What if it had woken somebody up?
After a moment's silence, I grabbed the toy I wanted-a hula hoop. I couldn't hear anyone, so I went to a 2nd floor window and untied it. Then, for shortcut's sake (please do not try this at home) I tied the rope tightly around my wrist, held it very tightly-and jumped off the balcony.
"WOAH-OHAAAAH!" The noise was out before I could stop myself. "Shit."
I hoisted myself up the rope and grabbed onto the balcony, puffing and panting. Then I grabbed higher points on the railings and managed to slot my foot into a gap. After catching my breath a little bit, I could hold the top of the balcony, so I climbed over it.
"Phew". Crisis averted. No time to waste. Next, I went back up to the 2nd floor and tied the two ropes together as tightly as I possibly could. Then I tied one end to the hula hoop. Okay, now for the difficult bit. Hopefully the rope would be high enough to get over the barbed wire on top of the walls. Time to see if this was going to work. I picked the rope up and swung it as hard as I could across. It missed and landed on the floor.
Four more tries and it still missed. That's when I had another idea.
Back to the toy cupboard, but this time, to get a remote-control four-circly flying-thing Edward got a couple of Christmases ago. There was a brief worry when someone could be heard walking past the room, but I made it back alright.
I went to a 3rd floor balcony, attached the rope, then sellotaped the flying thing to the hula hoop. Now this plan rested on my skills with a remote control.
Easy does it. I had to guide the flying thing over to a tree on the other side of the road next to the pavement next to the palace wall.
The flying thing crashed into the tree, but the hula hoop seemed attached to a branch.
Time to prove it.
Oh my days I was so nervous. What if something went wrong?... Goodness knows how I'd end up if I fell off. I could die...
I attached a coat hanger to the rope (it had a bar connecting the two end bits so I threaded the washing line through that, and the suitcase handle) and jumped off, my hands squeezing the coat hanger.
I managed to scrape my trouser leg on some barbed wire and got over the road safely-but then I could see the hula hoop sliding down. I held on to the suitcase as tightly as I could as we crashed into the tree branches.
Next objective: grab onto a tree branch and climb onto it, whilst holding onto the wire as tightly as possible. I let the suitcase drop down to the ground and sorted out the hula hoop so it was more stably attached to a branch. If my knowledge of physics was correct, my weight would pull the hula hoop down, but a branch branching out from the main one would prevent it from moving down the branch. I slid down the washing line, fireman-pole style.
I was lucky. The only injuries I had were a few cuts and scratches on my face and hands induced by tree branches. The hard part was done. Now I just had to go to the airport.