Once upon a time, there was a town located in the middle of no where aka, the region of Saltney. Who lived there? many people of all ages.
It was a town that's culture was like a novel, a storybook, and a song.
There was no magic or supernatural (though some believed in the supernatural)
just ordinary people.
That place was called Thorliskali, Saltney


Calista Devellis
Alex Loris
Robin Young
Lui Feilong
Shen Feilong
Rupert Uinzaa
Kirin Aston

Alex Loris Chapter 5

The room was a pale color. It was like a dream. There were soft blue flowers sitting in the windowsill, the sun reflecting through its glass. The light was warm and comforting, though, Alex didn’t feel comfortable. Adrenaline sti...

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Lui Feilong Chapter 7

"What is he trying to tell me." Lui thought. He typed his thoughts down on the smart phone and showed it to the boy who took it and typed something back and handed the phone back to him. <Im frozen in time> it read again. L...

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Rupert Uinzaako Chapter 8

äëïöü āēīōū Ĵĵ ĀĒĪŌŪ "Ā jū ōkë?" [pronounced Are you OK, this is what Rupert's brain processed.] "Ē?" "Ā jū ōkë?" "<I don't understand>". I replied in Altean....

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Calista Devellis Chapter 5

"Hi Calista." Calista looked over at Lui with a bored expression. "Hey." She said. He gave her a confused look and crouched down. "Whats wrong?" He asked. "What's right? I'm irritated and I was put back on those stupid green pill...

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Rupert Uinzaa Chapter 7

"The snow glows white on the mountains tonight... Not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like... I'm the King." I came across this park and decided to stay there for a while. "The wind is howling l...

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