There are times in this era that inflict powers beyond human imagination. There's the time for sorrow, where we gain the ability to weep and have pain inside our hearts. There is the time for joy, where we have the ability to smile and project happiness to those around us. There is a time to speak, when we have the ability to inflict actions with the powerful words that leave our lips like spells. There is a time to create, where we form pictures of our imagination to share with others and inspire them to create something as well. There is a time to sing, where we release our voice through the air and tune it to our hearts desire. There is a time to be silent, when words are not meant to be spoken and we gain the ability to still the air around us. There is a time to dance, in which our feet move to discordant melodies as we praise the time we have. Then there is the time to live, the time to die, and the time to be reborn.

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I've been off of here for forever! >.< Sorry!

I cannot believe Yana Toboso's new arc!!!XD Ciel as a school boy and Sebastian w/ glasses infiltrating for the Queen. Not to mention the 'Perfect 4'. I NEED to see fanfiction about that group soon. The 18th is tomorrow!!! I get new chapter!! YAY!!!

Black Butler TIK TOK Parody

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There's nothing more sad than watching the people around you waste their lives away into depressing nothingness. I feel like I'm Sebastian Michaelis half the time because of my bizarre superiority complex.

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I just realized that this one kid was actually two twins! /:.

I just saved my life by writing two chapters in my fanfiction! I wont be killed now by my readers! XD

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I just realized that every cute anime guy I see, no, every cute guy I see, I want to dress up in Ciel Phantomhive's pink dress and squeeze the bejesus out of em! XD

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I'm looking at everyone's expression right now, and Im wondering...
Is their expression showing what they're truly feeling?
Not everyone can be happy right now.
I bet someone is having family problems.
I bet someone broke up with the person they loved.
I find it astonishing that humanity is so untrustworthy,
that we can't even show our true emotions anymore.