Hello there, my name is Alexander.
I like syringes, scalpels, stitches and smiles.
I don't really do much aside from drink coffee and exist.

This title was required.

I've noticed something recently. A few things, actually.

For one, I've noticed that the way I look at life has changed significantly in the last few months, and I'm not sure if I like this change in perception or not. On one hand, I've been angry near-constantly, and I've become a bit hateful. Hell, saying 'a bit' is a bit of an understatement.
On the other hand, I almost enjoy being angry and hating near everything. It's an odd sensation. Hating things and others almost brings me a sense of happiness, excitement, and even comfort. It's difficult to explain, so I don't often. I figured that since very few people know about my account on this site, I would mention it.
I'm fairly certain that this is just as odd phase, I tend to get like this around this time of year. Or... Maybe I don't. That's usually around March or April. Hmm. Maybe it's earlier this year. Last year was nasty, last year was plain old unpleasant.
I'll stop rambling on about that now.
What should I write?
I'm happy right now. Then again I guess I'm usually happy, even when I'm angry.
It's a nice day out.
Robots are cool.

Today is a really weird day, and I feel really weird. I don't entirely remember sleeping last night or the night before. I just kind up woke up in my clothes in the morning.

I have no idea what I should type, so I'll just write you guys a haiku.


Nostalgic music tiem?
Nostalgic music tiem.