Hello there, my name is Alexander.
I like syringes, scalpels, stitches and smiles.
I don't really do much aside from drink coffee and exist.

This title was required.

I've noticed something recently. A few things, actually.

For one, I've noticed that the way I look at life has changed significantly in the last few months, and I'm not sure if I like this change in perception or not. On one hand, I've been angry near-constantly, and I've become a bit hateful. Hell, saying 'a bit' is a bit of an understatement.
On the other hand, I almost enjoy being angry and hating near everything. It's an odd sensation. Hating things and others almost brings me a sense of happiness, excitement, and even comfort. It's difficult to explain, so I don't often. I figured that since very few people know about my account on this site, I would mention it.
I'm fairly certain that this is just as odd phase, I tend to get like this around this time of year. Or... Maybe I don't. That's usually around March or April. Hmm. Maybe it's earlier this year. Last year was nasty, last year was plain old unpleasant.
I'll stop rambling on about that now.
What should I write?
I'm happy right now. Then again I guess I'm usually happy, even when I'm angry.
It's a nice day out.
Robots are cool.

Today is a really weird day, and I feel really weird. I don't entirely remember sleeping last night or the night before. I just kind up woke up in my clothes in the morning.

I have no idea what I should type, so I'll just write you guys a haiku.


Nostalgic music tiem?
Nostalgic music tiem.

I have done it

I have brought the thingymadoosits so I could thingamabipple my thingymaboople in wordsamadoodle.

Hello hello!

Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi there. Hello. Hello again. Hi. It's Alexander, because who else would it be? I'm still figuring out this entire site. This world thing is completely new to me.

I'm in the processes of dancing the deadly dance of violent procrastination. In other words, I'm not doing what I need to be doing. I need to do what I should be doing. I can't just sit here and not does what I need to did last week. Last week was not did with quite right so I need to catch up last week with this week and does my should have dids. Truth is, I'm really tired right now, too tired to do my should-have-dones. There's a slight chance I can do my not-dids tomorrow morning before my day of new dos begins, but I don't want to do my had to dids along with my new dos, really.

This is the only .JPG I have on hand at the moment.


I baked cupcakes.