Best WiFi Coffee Makers for Tech-Savvy Coffee Lovers

Meta: If you are a fan of new technologies like smartphones, you will fall in love with these top WiFi coffee makers. Read our articles to learn about how they will change the way you make coffee every morning.

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. But with the modern busy work lifestyle, the time allotted for preparation before starting the day becomes less and less. What if you want a cup of espresso after burning the midnight oil while you are checking your phone?

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The answer is a WiFi-enabled coffee maker, which you can control from your phone via an app. One touch on your phone’s screen and you are good to go. But like the rapidly changing technology landscape, the features and quality vary between products year after year. So, what is the best smart home coffee maker for you? Consult our list below.

1- Keurig K-Elite K - The Best Overall

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Let’s imagine this. In the morning, you wake up, stumble through your kitchen with your eyes barely open to switch the coffee maker on. Does that sound familiar? Here’s a helpful solution! The WiFi coffee maker from Keurig can upgrade your morning coffee routine and improve your morning.

With various brewing pod options, it opens new possibilities to the coffee lover community, enabling them to make coffee from the comfort of bed. Everything, from iced coffee to strong brew, a quick cup or four full-size cups, will be ready for you hassle-free. You can adjust the amount, for example, more coffee in the morning, less in the afternoon.

It also has an auto one-touch button, which can turn on or off the machine automatically when it needs more water or when finished in order to save energy.

The advanced coffee maker is built for modern work routines, providing quick coffee without wasting time on set up. Now everyone can enjoy their coffee to start the day. No more waiting time, you get up, and your coffee is ready without needing to wait for it to brew or heat the coffee again. The only issue for customers is its price, which is fairly high compared to other options. But if you are both a coffee lover and tech-savvy, this is a wise investment.


  • Various cup sizes
  • Quick hot water
  • Energy saving


  • Price
  • Use only K-Cups

2- Gourmia WiFi - Best All-in-One Option

For those in love with rich and strong flavored coffee who want an all-in-one machine, we recommend the Gourmia WiFi, truly a smarter coffee machine (Alexa and Google Assistant compatible). It combines many options and features from competitors on the market into one single machine. Do you have multiple preferences for pods, capsules, and cups? This model can solve your problems.

The Gourmia coffee maker is compatible with Nespresso SmartCart and K-Cups besides other options. A gathering with your friends is now even easier as everyone can have their own preferred coffee serving. This machine can handle your preferences from espresso cups to travel mugs.

The built-in Google and Alexa voice assistant is another modern touch of this coffee maker. Want to start the brewing process while prepping for your morning? Just say the word "Brew!" It will start in an instant, and your coffee will be ready like a Google coffee maker or other Google smart devices. And like any other smart coffee maker, the programmable features like the timer are available, scheduling your morning coffee to be ready right on time.

The only issue is that some parts are made from plastic, so they can get broken if you accidentally drop something on it. But otherwise, the machine is pretty durable.


  • Many pod and cup options
  • Mobile app with voice assistant compatibility with Google and Alexa
  • Programmable functions
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Some plastic parts

Overall, if you are a fan of advanced technologies like voice control and want it to help you have a freshly brewed coffee every morning, you will love this.

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3- Keurig K-Mini - Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

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This is a special recommendation for those who want a compact and quick coffee maker on the go. Those who love camping often think about beverage options when they are completely off the grid. They have tents, power sources, and food. But how about coffee?

Every camper wants a hot cup of coffee while watching the peaceful horizon. On the market, there are already many instant coffee makers, but most of them do not satisfy the taste of real coffee lovers.

The K-Mini is only a 5-inch tall machine, which is suitable for office desks, or at home if you are the only coffee consumer. But in the end, it is the perfect maker for camping when you have power.


  • Easy to fit anywhere you want
  • Quick brewing process


  • Not the longest lifespan

So, if you want a smart coffee maker that is simple to use for either camping or the office, the K-Mini is a great choice for you.

4- Nespresso Expert Espresso - The Best Look

Don't make the mistake of thinking coffee addicts are only concerned about functionality or coffee quality. They also care about appearance, so this option combines everything into an all-around package. We are excited to introduce this incredible machine.

The Expert Espresso from Nespresso does not only produce high-quality coffee, but it also has a sleek appearance. You can have multiple choices for an energetic morning: Ristretto, Lungo, Espresso, and Americano.

With the Expert Espresso mobile app, you can schedule the brew time for the next morning with options for preferred capsules and coffee settings. You can even start the maintenance process with your smartphone.


  • Easy to use
  • Large water capacity (38 oz)
  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Advanced technology with a mobile app and bluetooth functions
  • Can alert when the water tank is empty or full


  • Does not have a built-in frother, which is an important feature for many coffee lovers.

If you are looking for a multiple feature coffee maker with all the bells and whistles from the 21st century while bringing an elegant touch to your kitchen at the same time, we can’t think of any better option than the Nespresso Expert Espresso.

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Year after year, advances from technology companies continue to improve the quality of our life, these machines are great news for coffee drinkers. Each product has its own unique benefits and features. We also think tech-savvy coffee lovers deserve all the best features from a machine for their beloved beverage.

If you still have any questions about this new lineup, please comment below. Otherwise, feel free to share the article with your fellow coffee lovers.

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