I'm back motherfuckers, and even though I know only a few selected group of person are gonna comment in this place, I decided to come back, obviously to keep posting my art, if possible, and talking about what's happening recently...so feel free to say whatever you want, Tell me how I can improve, that you love me, that I'm an asshole, that I should fuck off, that I'm a living God, seriously, say anything you want, Although a certain category of the said examples of comments are going to be ignored =D.

So this is my comeback...I'm pretty bored and I wish to restart my glory on theotaku...cheers.

Teh updatan

Letter to myself from: The future
To:Me from the past.

You are 32 years old.
It is 2021.
The whole world is going through what we call COVID-19. A term which we use to refer to a virus called Corona.
This is a period of pandemic.
Can you believe it? Our generation is going through a pandemic.
We are imposed a curfew.
Bars and restaurants are closed.
The internet controls everything, watches everything.
People are quickly getting politicized in an age where we are still comfortable with propaganda. This makes it a dangerous period of history in an ideological sense.
The United States just finished going through what is surely their worst Presidency in history as Donald Trump sat in the oval office for a full term and was not re-elected for a second.
Cultural identities are getting diluted, Nations are dividing themselves and conflict is rampant everywhere.
Banjo and Kazooie are in Smash Bros.
So is Ryu, Ken, Megaman, Simon and Richter Belmont, Terry motherfucking Bogard, Erdrick from Dragon Warrior 3,fucking SEPHIROTH and even Cloud made it into the series. Smash is now a 100+ character series.
You are getting mad salty trying to play this game competitively.

You are a mechanic.
You love that career, but it takes a huge toll out of you.
You wouldn't do anything else though.
Yeah man, you wanted to be a comicbook/"manga" artist all the way back then.
Guess things really changed hard along the way.
A lot of things have happened since you first created this little space, right?
It all started on myotaku all the way back then.
You still remember.
You poured a lot of your grief in there.
A lot of your feelings.
Here, you learned to express yourself.
Here, you started working on your english.
Here, you fell in love for the first time.
Here, you posted many drawings.
You trully hoped that it would be your portfolio to glory.
Oh, how personally you would take it when people would rather favorite a fanart shipping Naruto with Sasuke for the 100000000th time when you were convinced that you worked oh so hard on your totally original fanart.
You still remember.
The effort you've put into that place.
The stupid, sexist, racist, bigoted, often confused ignorant shit you said in here.
The people you admired and respected.
The fellow artists you connected with.
The innocent people you blatantly offended because of your personal frustrations.
The people you loved.
The friends you've made here.
They were all genuine.
And you still remember.

You grew.
You're doing therapy now.
You're also pretty nostalgic, which is why I came to write this letter in the first place.
You're really doing your best.
And I still remember your grief.
The same one you poured in here so long ago.
You know, now you feel like a different part of me.
You're frozen in time and I am a man now.
You are who I left behind.
You are who I could not reconcile with.
You had it way too hard man.
And you poured that grief here because, here, you could express yourself.
Here, a few people listened.
Here, a few people cared.
I still remember.

Now I am a man and this place is what I left behind.
Yet, strangely, it lives.
As I left it behind so long ago, it still exists.
You still live through this place.
You still exist.
You are frozen in time.
That part of me I left behind.
You had it way too hard man.
And now, you know.
You fully understand it now.
You fully understand what you lacked.
You fully understand why you were so afraid.
So angry.
So sad.

I understand, now, that you are frozen in time.
And what you felt so long ago, it is still alive within me.
And so you have become a second part of me.
An unconditional child that I have to take care of.
Your anger is my anger.
Your fear is my fear.
Your pain is my pain.
Now I am the big brother.
The one who must step up to the plate when father would not.
I'm trying to take care of the both of us.
You are very demanding though.
And I'm sorry if, sometimes, it may be too much for me.
But I swear that I will always protect us.
Even if it's hard and I can't always be there for you.
Even when I leave you alone for a little moment.
I am watching your back.
Because I didn't leave you behind.
I still remember.
You still remember.

So please, dry your tears.
Life is more than this unfairness.
You had it way too hard,
but now you have a brother.
It may seem weird if you are reading this as someone who is not me.
In which case, thank you if you've even had the patience to read thid far into it.
This is where I left a lot of myself.
During a very difficult part of my life.
Many parts of which I have not even poured into this place.
But this used to be what I considered home.
And I am glad that a part of me still exists here.

Much of who we are comes from our ability to reconcile with ourselves from the past. Our failures come from our inability to do so.

-Samuel Cinq-Mars.
21th of April 2021.

So far so good...

Finally...I am back. I don't really know why I decided to come back, but this place is a good way to keep a journal of what's going on for some people who'd want to hear about it...

So far, everything is fine, since the last time I've posted on my Otaku, it's been almost a year now, I've been working ever since, I'm studying to get my driver's license, I'm studying to return to school pretty soon, I've met new people, my opinion on many things changed from that, I've improved on my drawing skills, I've been taking Mixed MArtial Arts classes for over a year now and I'm keeping going, this year marks my third year into studying martial arts and the start of my fourth year into working out, I've had pretty good results so far so I don't give up and I keep going. Training has become very important for me, I want to grow stronger and better everyday, and yes, I feel a bit ashamed that I try to show it sometimes, but then again, I like the changes...I used to be so small...and now, even if I'm not that bigge,r I'm so much stronger and leaner, it's crazy, all of this pushes me forward, I don't want to give this up...

So far I've been able to expand my videogame collection drastically. And my favorite RPG, Tales of Phantasia, have been fan-translated on the Playstation, so I downloaded the Rom and the translation and I putted this on CD-R, so I'm currently playing it on my Playstation...it's pretty fucking awesome.

The 15th of November, I'm getting a tattoo...I wish I had scanned the drawing before I gave it to the guy, but I'll be taking pictures once it's done and I'll post them here.

I also got a new computer, which is really awesome...

So yeah, Right now I'm 19 years old, I'm alive and well...I don't have much more to say, so I'll be leaving the rest up to you...see ya.