Falling stars

~Alicia~ I woke up startled by the sound of a car driving off. Taking a moment to prossess what was happening a wave of fury washed over me. My parents who were going to be gone for a "business" trip in France left without telling me...again. But the anger soon left, for I had expected as much.

I decided to get some fresh air, to clear my mind. As soon as I began walking my shadow began to morph into what looked like a creasent moon.Normaly people would begin panicking but I simply shugged it off. I had been going to the doctors since I was little because I get massive headaches 24 hours a day (never go away),they said I was begining to go delusional and to prepare for my loss of reason and eventually will and soul. Since I was the only one diagnosed with this "growing" insanity they chose not to reasearch to find a cure. Im sooo~ lucky right? Anyway I thought the shadow may have been part of my insanity right along with my visions and voices,yes I have them, again nothing can go my way.

so I spent the rest of my day just exploring town. It was dark when I decided to head home and also when I happened to see a grassy field with a large pond.
Well I had no curfew why not sit by the water? Another one of my unreasonable,impulsive mistakes (What a bad day!). I was just sitting when a star unusually bright came falling down from the sky. Right then my adrenaline
picked up and a wave of insanity hit me. Against my will I began laughing and twirling in some sort of dance, embracing the light that resembled a star...Everything became engulfed in blinding light.

I was now in a dark city that looked familiar but I knew I'd never been there, next to a old hotel.
And you know what even locked in insanity I notice the blinding light and
my everlasting headaches were gone. I was alone with just my shadow for company
or so I thought...

I hope that was alright.