In a parallel dimension, alternates of yourself exist, the complete opposites of you. Alternates are beings that strive to destroy you and the Earth. But somehow, you have made it into this parallel dimension, and now you must join together and fight against your alternates, before they capture you and replace you on Earth.

There's one difference between an alternate and a human. If you or your alternate realizes the difference, you will be sent into another dimension, void of life, where you spend your days in limbo. Forever. Unless you find the one way out.

Once you enter the parallel dimension, you are able to choose a special power that will aid you in your quest to destroy the alternates, so choose wisely.

Do you have what it takes?

Important Information
Points System
Human Application
Alternate Application

BrotherlyLoveHK - Racquel Amato
Clueless101 - Gilbert Sting
Stinamuffin - Aurora
Alicie - Alicia
greenLeAf863 - Izou Oshiro
TimeWithoutEnd - Leszczy Einz
Kratos Cruxis - Seth Kame
Hulaberry32 - Saracen Brooks
HalfwayVamped - Kelly
Captain Ronnie - Jeremy M.

Hulaberry32 - Taiga
Inufluffy12 - Twila
Momiji Fangirl - Yuki
HalfwayVamped - Cyder
Spectral Dreams - Vlad
lapaperninja - Ren
stinamuffin - Aura
BrotherlyLoveHK - Slayter
greenleAf863 - James
TimeWithoutEnd - Demi

Hulaberry32 - 125 Points
BrotherlyLoveHK - 125 Points
Lapaperninja - 125 Points
Clueless101 - 100 Points
Stinamuffin - 125 Points
Alicie - 100 Points
Inufluffy12 - 100 Points
Momiji Fangirl - 100 Points
HalfwayVamped - 100 Points
Spectral Dreams - 100 Points
greenLeAf863 - 125 Points
TimeWithoutEnd - 125 Points
Captain Ronnie - 100 Points

Falling stars

~Alicia~ I woke up startled by the sound of a car driving off. Taking a moment to prossess what was happening a wave of fury washed over me. My parents who were going to be gone for a "business" trip in France left without telling me...again. But ...

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Introducing Aura


I entered the hotel and went to the elevator.
Why are we all getting summoned? I have things to do.
or maybe not. I pushed the button and the elevator dings open.
Its empty. Good.
I jump in and hit the floor button to where we are meeting and I start to go up.
A shadow appears in the elevator next to me. I scowl.
"What making sure I got the summons? I did and I'm getting there. Shoo" I growl at it and it dissapears.
I hate humans so I am going to this meeting. They are so annoying.
I pull my hat down as I start to get a bit cold and the elevator stops and the doors open with that annoying ding sound.
I walk out and see a lot of alternates gathered. everyone here?

thought I'd get aura into the story, and I have to wait for Mariya-chan to post for my human to continue.

Enter Kelly and Cyder~HV


I walked briskly towards the abandoned hotel.

Taiga better have some good news or a devious plan, or I was going to be ticked.

Being summoned like a minion just didn't fit me.

On the way in, I saw the elevators in use so I took the stairs.

Halfway up to the top, another alternate slammed into me as he ran in the stairwell from another floor.

"Watch it!" I hissed and then I grinned cruely when I saw who it was.

Little Jamie stuck his tongue out at me annd proceeded to bite an apple.

"Taiga summoned a small-ffry like you, Jamie?" I laughed at him.

He grinned saracastically back and replied, "I really need to be going now, Cyder."

I followed him up.

Man, I hated this little kid. He thought he was the sh*t and always carried an obnoxious windchime around.

Ting Ting Ting Ting it chimed up the rest of the floors.

I was about to smash the thing when we arrived at the top.



"Stop, kid!" I yelled and chased after a thief through the back alleys of the city.

I followed him through a maze of trachcans, dumpsters, cars, and more.

Then I prusued him to a dead end.

"No where to run, give it up, kid," I told him as I approached.

Then I watched as he jumped into the sewers below. Great.

I shone a flashlight into the depths and then climbed down after him.

The ladder down was neverending and then I slipped on one of the rungs.

I yelped and waited for the impact of the sewer below, but to my surprise, I crashed onto the floor of a ratty hotel room.

"Where in the hell-" started then spotted a blonde boy hding beneath the bed next to me.

He put his finger to his lips and motioned for me to hide.

Where was I?!



Sorry, I know its a bad post><

Despicable Humans!

Demi~alternate "Humans are really despicable. I can't stand any of them; they all get on my nerve. Wish they all just disappear into thin air" that's what I always say while looking at the bright crescent moon above me. I l...

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Yuki~ Humans are annoying. They try to get in your way. They try to stop you, even if all you want is to survive. They just don't understand you. They don't get anything. I lay on my back, thinking this. Why is it that they think the...

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