OC Interviews


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Finally! Someone normal! I Need it after all those crazy people! Hi there Salazar!
Salazar: *bows and coyly smile* Thank you for having me. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed.

The pleasure it’s all mine my dear! Tell me what’s the best quality of yours?
Salazar: *Looking down* A good quality…? Uhm well, I’m very hard working..? I guess.. But I’m also a wimp and whiny person..

Oh some on now, don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re one of the nicest person I met so far! Do you like your job Salazar?
Salazar: *smile happily* Oh yes! I love it! Being a pattern maker it’s such an interesting job, it requires creativity, it can be quite a busy work, but I don’t mind it at all!

Would you like to design your own clothing line?
Salazar *Shakes head* I’m not enough capable or talented to design a line all by myself. I’ll just stick with my job, and sewing my designs just for myself.

What about your boyfriend Loki? You two are quite different, you’re so sensible and he’s … extremely straightforward
Salazar: *BLUSH* I really hope he didn’t say anything unbecoming!

Well…. He is Loki after all. =_=”
Salazar: *sweatdrop* I know that he can be quite blunt sometimes.. he really doesn’t have any shame! *blushes more looking away, but smile softly* But he’s sweet and caring, and he somewhat make me feel at ease.. He’s so good with me.

*rolls eyes* If you say so! We’re at the end of the interview! Tell us why people should vote for you!
Salazar: I- I don’t know * clumsily* I think there’s some better people to vote.. like Loki.. or Cynosaura..

Aw come on! Have some confidence!
Salazar: *still blushing, tries to smile* W-well If someone will vote for me I would be grateful.. and maybe I’ll try to have more faith in myself.. *fidget a bit* so.. yeah.