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Zamboni: *appears* it's..
NOOOOOH! *Menacing him with a shoe* fly away Zamboni! I can’t take you anymore!
Zamboni: Hey it’s that a clog, isn’t it? It’s made of wood right?
*look at the shoe, confused* uhmmm, yeah..? so?
Zamboni: *dumb grin* So wooden shoe hear what I’ve got to say?
Zamboni *receive a shoe on his face*
Zamboni *whines and leave*

Who is next?
Loki: that would be me! But please don’t hit me with a shoe, I’m a very good boy! *smirk and flicker his tongue*

That remains to be seen. You’re a thief right? How did you joined team Nero?
Loki: *scowl* ugh don’t even let me think about it. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I was drunk, slouched on, when Leucer found me, and now for some reasons I’m his slave?!? This it’s injustice! I’m more mature and responsible now thought, I stop at half bottle of vodka, most of the times. *cross his arms and nods*

*small facepalm* Fantastic job, really. So do you have some good qualities yes?
Loki: people tell me that I’m a lazy butt, and I’m quite a perv, but I really don’t think these as flaws! *chuckle* That’s just how I am, love me or leave me! But In the end I’m not that bad I promise! I can be a really good person If I want to. *smirk* I just really rarely want to.

Oh I have no doubts, you should show more of your best side Loki! Like with Salazar!
Loki: *sighs happily* Oh my sweet Sal.. he was so cute and innocent when I first met him.. now he’s not as innocent as before! *chuckle a bit* just kidding, he’s so sweet and I really love him!

Are you gonna marry him one day?

Loki: *freeze a little* can’t we have follow-up question..? *clears his throat* and anyway, this interview is kinda boring. When it’s time for the spicy questions?

The.. spicy question? *Raise an eyebrow* Loki, we must keep this interview family friendly!
Loki: aw come on, people likes hot stuff!

Sighs I don’t even know.. boxers or briefs?
Loki: *smirk* Nature.

That’s it! This interview ends right now.