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Salazar Astor

Name:Salazar Astor
Pokèmon: Serperior
National #: 497
Title: Regal Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Grass
Nicknames: Sal, Zarry, Sally
Gender: Male
Birthday: 5th of July
Sign: Cancer

Nature: Rash. Salazar is a fiery person who always puts all of himself in what he does. Maybe he’s not majestic but he has an impetuous personality. He’s actually a little proud of himself but he never shows it up. When Salazar loves something or someone, he does it with a lot of passion.

Held items: Silk Scarf (More for aesthetic than for utility).

Ability: Overgrow (powers up Grass-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble), Contrary (Makes stat changes have an opposite effect).

Attacks: Attract, Leer, Wrap, Coil, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Giga Impact.

Weak Against: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice.
Height: 179 cm (5’10?) (But he usually wears high heels)
Weight: 70 kg ( 154 lb.?)
Hair color: Light green with yellow bands
Hair Length: Medium-long (just under the shoulders) and wavy
Eye Color: Light green with tiny, almost invisible pupils
Skin Tone: Pale (Ivory)
Build: Slim 
and "long"

Markings/Scars: /
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /
Job: He works in an atelier as assistant for a fashion designer

Appearance: Salazar is very good at sewing, so he tailors his own clothes and he can gets changed even three times a day. He always wears high heels. His cheeks are always naturally blushy, and he usually has a cat-like smile on his face. Salazar acts in a very feminine way. He normally has a soft voice that becomes very screechy when he’s angry.

Personality: Being raised in a very strict family, Salazar is usually kind and polite with everyone, but sometimes he has crazy ideas which stubbornly pursues just to ends up in awkward situations that he’ll try clumsily to resolve (with bad results). He often acts in very awkward way when he first meets someone, but it’s just to hide his personality, since he’s afraid that people couldn’t like him for who he is. Salazar gets all nervous and blushes even more when there are sexy men in the surroundings.

Orientation: Homosexual
Significant Other: Loki the Seviper
Rival: /
Family: His parents (both Serperiors) an older sister named Eveline
Hometown: Pinwheel Forest – Unova



Likes: His boyfriend, making new friends, shopping for accessories or inspiration.
Dislikes: Overbearing peoples, getting his clothes dirty.
Fears: His father, Vigoroths, not be appreciated for who he is.
Strength: Comfort sad or worried people, compliments, housekeeping.
Weaknesses: Fighting, low self-esteem, cold weather.

Battle Style: After being with a team for some time, Salazar decided to don’t fight anymore. He thinks fights are useless and too dangerous, besides clothes can get dirty and ruined in battle. If someone attacks him he’ll probably just run and scream for help like a sissy.


Food: Any fancy dish with eggs
Drink: Lemonade
Color: Golden
Season: Spring
Activity: Sawing, cross-stitching and weaving


Salazar was born and lived in the Pinwheel forest with his parents and his sister Eveline, who was an enterprising girl so she left home very young for adventure, and Salazar ended up alone, since there were no other Snivys in the forest. From early age Salazar had felt different. Unlike the other children he didn’t like getting dirty or fighting, preferring to cling to his mother's apron strings. He used to stay at her side listening her telling about the protector of the forest, while weaving garlands of flowers. But what Salazar wanted more was to learn to weave and sew like a Leavanny. His father, however, was disappointed by his behavior, thinking that such pastimes were not suitable for a boy; in addition Salazar would someday become a Serperior, a very majestic and proud Pokèmon. So to please his father, Salazar started acting superior and aloof, suppressing his desires, believing that so he would become a real man to be proud of. Some years passed, and Salazar became a young teenager as a Servine, and even if his father seemed barely satisfied by him, he felt unhappy with his life, but he never expressed his feelings because his father approval was very important for him.
One day, moving away too much from his place, he ended up right in the den of a gang of Vigoroth. The beasts were just waiting for a reason to pick a fight and attacked him immediately. Salazar had no experience in fighting and was still just a little squirt, so he wouldn’t have had a chance against the angry Pokemons. He tried to run away, but not knowing the area of the forest ended in a dead end. Just when he thought he was a goner, he saw a man dressed in green leap out from the vegetation and throw himself against the Vigoroth to attack them with a sword. He fought gracefully and accurately and in a moment put them all on the mat. Salazar could not believe his eyes.

<Are you all right?> the man asked in a gentle voice, approaching.
Salazar nodded. <You are Virizion, aren’t you? > he asked then skeptically.
<Then you know me, huh? > Replied smiling.
<My mother told me about you. But I thought you were different. >
<Different how? > Asked Virizion intrigued.
<Higher. And muscular. Mother told me that you are a knight and the knights are big and strong, but you are thin ... and beautiful.> Salazar said, blushing slightly.
<Really? I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much. And tell me, you also want to become a knight? > The man asked. He seemed very amused of the speech.
Salazar hesitated. <No.> he finally answered. <I want to learn to sew and become as good as a Leavanny. But my father says that is not something for real men.>
Virizion frowned. <And then you decided not to learn how to sew to make your father happy? >
Salazar nodded again.
Virizion knelt looking at him straight in the eye. Salazar noticed he wore makeup. <Listen, you do not have to suppress your desires, or you will be unhappy! This is your life and you have to live it as you see fit. Always be yourself, and your father will accept you for who you are, one day> said this, Virizion stood up and turned to leave. <Take care!> He said before disappearing back into the woods.

Salazar was very impressed by those words. He thought about it all night long, and the next day he took the courage and decided to start taking sewing lessons from the Leavannys who lived in the forest.

(See Salazar's story for missing part)

At that point Salazar decided it was about time for him to find his own way and understand what he really wanted to do with his life. He was absorbed in his thoughts when suddenly he got distracted by a man‘s ass that, just outside the Victory Road, seemed to be waiting for someone. Salazar decided to postpone his life planning to another time and approached the Seviper Gijinka with a big catsmile on his face. Although Salazar thought to seduce him with his smartly flirt, in the end he was the one to be naïvely enticed in a date in the evening by Loki, who was way more sly and kinky than him. Salazar was very happy and excited for the date but unfortunately Loki never showed up (since he ended up trapped in the Victory Road with his amazing team of failures). Disappointed and sad for being ditched, the day after Salazar took his leave and started again his journey. After a couple of weeks he arrived in Nimbasa City, because he had heard that Elesa had organized a big fashion show and all the biggest fashion designer would have participated. Here Salazar found one of the Swadloon that used to take sewing lessons with him. She had evolved into a Leavanny Gijinka and started her career as a fashion designer, and knowing about Salazar’s talent she asked him to start work for her as her assistant. Salazar accepted enthusiastically, since it was a big opportunity to do what he really loved as a work. Much to his surprise he also found again Loki, that with his team has been attracted in Nimbasa City by the presence of all those wealthy people to rob. Salazar tried to act cold and offended towards him, but he wasn’t able to resist his charm so in the end he accepted to go to another date with him. So the two of them started dating and eventually they fell in love and decided to live together (even if Loki was a little bit worried to lose his freedom by settling down). After some years they are still together and Salazar tries to make Loki propose to him, while he’s absolutely not interest in marriage, and the both of them have no intention of giving up.

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