I NOW HAVE A NEW LAPTOP BOUT TIME THO!!I'm just really really happy that i a laptop once again, THANK YOU CHRISTMAS MONEY LOL! Time to watch ANIME once again


This is my worst day imaginable, my laptop decided to die on me! it was working just fine last night and now all of a sudden it decided to black screen (didn't even load up the windows screen) and beeped about 7 times. It has all of my school work on there, including the program that i needed for my other class. it just sucks rite now not being able to watch ANY anime i want on my own laptop

but oh well, i may end up get a new laptop because I NEED TO MY SCHOOL WORK ON MY OWN CPU and NOT USE MY DADS. Even he needs to on here doing his DJ MUSIC on here. This explains how i'm on here right now.

I just hope that i will feel better once it's all fixed, wish me luck

My Wii is broken :(

ok guys i hav a problem... MY Wii IS BROKEN!! it won't power on at all. the lights work and everything, i got it to work ONCE ever since the those nasty storms blew on thru. My friend used her "magic fingers" and TA-DA it works. but then the next day... it doesn't power on to the main screen of the Wii. It's all plug-in rite, so...HELP!!! LOL I'M N DESPERATE NEED OF PLAYING THE NEW KIRBY GAME LOL That and Smash Bros Brawl

Busy Beaver

holy crap it's been ages since i was last on TheO submittin wallies and many other good stuff. i've been busy with school work, work in general, and family functions that i have barely anytime to ACTUALLY do something fun....i'm a saaad panda that and just plain tired as heck lol

But anyway... i was wondering if ANYONE can make a REALLY KICK-ASS "LIGHTNING WALLIE" for me i've been sooo busy that i can't decide on what Lightning wallie i should stick with my desktop. even tho i made a few for theO just bcuz i created a new world and it needed something you kno.

hope EVERYONE has a safe and wonderful 3-Day weekend THANK YOU LABOR DAY!!