Okay this is Blood Moon Wolf's world for Storm she doesn't have the space for her demon Wolf Charatr Storm so she asked if I could dit one of my worlds for her so I did its strict rule she is the poser of this world so yeah its hers because she had no room for another world

Games pups and most of all love!

-------Games Pups and most of all love!-----------------------------

I took Dizzy to a arcade with everyone else Dusty Rose Manic Izzy Thunder Inu and Dad and My pup Ryuu Ryuu is my love and joy he was on my shoulders laying his head on my head "Mommy why we goin' to the arcade???"Ryuu asked cutely I laughed

"were goin' to the arcade cuz' we need some fun time Ryuu Dizzy needs to play some games you too"I said gently while being pulled by Dizzy to a game

"SISTER STORM SISTER STORM LETS PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!"Dizzy yelled it was air hockey??

I love air hockey

"Okay dizzy maybe next time we can go to a amusement park?"I said

we played games for hours apon hours I was out of money by the time we left I sighed inward we are soooo doomed I was saving that for the club too....well one way to get it back the same way I got it!!!

Scar-sama is back Storm running away?

I was surprised to see Scar my Sensei he is about 16 but 100s of years old Dizzy I could tell didn't know who he was of course I picked her up and let Scar in the house I looked around then a single tear slipped from my eyes and landed on the floor I sat Dizzy down on the table and Ran and Ran from the house "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"I screamed into the night I transformed into a wolf with 1 tail and ran faster then I have before.I tripped on a tree root "Mph ouch"I yelped in pain I got back up and limped faster away from the tree roots 'Where to go though Hachi-san would be mad if I showed up unexpectintly in the night wounded ugh I don't know anymore where to go Hachi-san would be mad at me for showing up in the night at his house I don't want Hachi-san to be mad at me I-I want to prove to all the Bijus I'm worthy not some Runt of a litter of wolves that can't do nothing'I thought tears ran down my cheeks I shook my head'No keep going Storm you can fall near one of the Bijus houses Kiryn Kiryn she would be mad at me my friend Kiryn'I thought again'what bijus house is closes to mine?Hachi-san's house is the others are alittle off wards from Hachi-san's house Kai-kun would be happy though but Hachi-san would be mad at me I think'I thought My tail lowered alot and drug on the ground I wanted Hachi-san to not be mad at me I didn't know what to do at all I just didn't at all Hachi-san was nice to Dizzy and I so were the other Bijus but I don't know why but Hachi and Kai were Nicer in my eyes then my eye turned Yellow that was not what I wanted it to do I kept the Lighting Eye Secret for along time since I was born nobody saw it I just wanted someone to see it I fell and stayed down this time I was close to Hachi-san and Kai-kun's house and Far far from mine..........

Storm turns

I was sitting on my bed watching Dizzy Sleep not a care in the world I thought about Kyuubi and the others and all they did for me it was better then Living in a cardboard box and wearing rags as clothes in Las Vegas I sighed"thanks Kyuubi-sama and Shukaku-san"I whispered to the window "Sister Storm what are you doing"Dizzy's sleepy voice asked "nothing Dizzy Nothing"I mumbled Sin walked up to me"theres something on your mind"he whispered "Kyuubi-sama hes the reason I can't help but feel indept to him he helped so much even if he didn't know"I mumbled I was only 12 years old trying to be like a mother and sister both I sighed and smiled.Tobe came to my window"Hey Storm Dizzy's alseep I see mmmmmmmmm whatcha thinking about Storm?"she asked questionaly "Teh Biju club and the others"I said and looked at Dizzy out of the corner of my eye"oh I see mmmmm Storm thanks for healing training your a great teacher I now can heal Kin 'ichi and I both"She whispered "I'm not that great ya know Tobe?"I asked"Nah your that good though you have weaknesses and you can't heal yourself if a family member hurts you right?"She asked"yeah thats right more training healing will make you good at it Tobe"I said while pushing off the window sill Dizzy giggled "Dizzy are you awake?I'm going to get chu"I said while moving closer to the lump in my covers called Dizzy she giggled"I'm going to chu Dizzy"I laughed and tickled her through the covers she squealed and laughed Tobe joined in the laughing "I gotta go Bye Dizzy Storm"she said between laughs"okay Tobe"Dizzy and I said then a knock at the door sounded I glared past my door to the entrance door I sighed and picked up Dizzy carring her down stairs with my gaurd cat Sin at my heels his fur fluffed up I sighed and opened the door "hello anyone here"I asked the night no reply I closed the door then another knock I opened my door again to see no one at all I sighed and glared into the Night"WHOS THERE DANG IT I NEED MY SLEEP"I yelled into the night I heard a hhmmmpphhh from someone or something then I saw the long white hair and the scar on the face Scar-Sama "Scar-sama eep I never thought you would vistit me this night at all or period Scar-sama what brings you here?"I asked my sensei Scar he was the wolf who lead me to Kanti and Kante's house I sighed and sat Dizzy down and kneeled so did she.Scar growled at us to show affection Scar was 17 right now though he was hundreds of years old he scolded me on kneeling"What am I going to do with you Stormy?"Scar-sama asked I looked into Scar's red eyes

Storm's Family from human to Demon

okay time to say my family looks and stuff

I have a 10 year old little brother named Inu he has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair he is a white fox demon my brothers hair stops in the middle of his neck my bro is a traveling Ninja
I have a Father that is 38 years old he is a half black Wolf demon he has Tealish green eyes and scuffy black hair he is a exelent Ninja his hair stops a couple inches from under his ears and neck my dad is a tracker ninja from a strange village that is unknown my dad's name is Brain*Bryan*
I have a mom that is said to be just human but I don't know she is a medical ninja her name is Leslie she has crysal blue eyes and has red hair that goes to her shoulders she is a exelent healer and is 32 years old
I am 12 years old I have Crystal blue eyes and brown hair that goes to my hips I'm a half wolf and fox demon I have 1 tail and the fur color is black I am a traveling Ninja I travel with a girl named Dizzy and her Brothers and Sister I am Dizzy's sister Storm and I am Sister to Manic,Dusty and Rose her siblins

This is Storm's demon form

Storm's past 3

I was blushing alot "okay what do you want to eat?"Kante asked me "ummmmmm uhhhhh a turkey sandwich is fine"I whispered "ahhh okay lets see how ironic No Turkey crap hang on"Kante mumbled I nodded he ran upstairs "Kanti get down to thekichen I don't think we have any turkey for the wolf girl"Kante said my ears twiched'Dang you ears may you stop twiching No I'm hungry'I thought my stomach growled my eyes went wide 'ah craplits'I thought then Kante apeared again with a guy that was 2 years older then him and looked the same as him "hello I'm Kanti Kante's older bro nice to meet you whats your name?"Kanti asked I blushed again "i'm Storm well some call me Stormy too"I said Kanti nodded "nice name I'll call you sweety though"Kanti said I nodded "okay Kante take Sweety here to her room and I'll make that Turkey sandwich"Kanti muttered Kante nodded and grabbed my hand pulling me upstairs he took me to a room that was dark and light blue it had fake glow in the dark stars I gawked at it "Like it Sweety?"I heard from behind me I nodded "yeah I do Kanti-Sama"I whispered "How did you know it was me Kanti?"Kanti asked "ummmmm your voice I remembered what it sounded like"I whispered "Ahhhhhh"I heard Kanti say he handed me my turkey sandwich thats when I broke into a happy voice saying"Turkey lurkey oh how I love Turkey Lurkey"I said Kanti smiled and Kante was shocked that I said that Kante laughed then Kanti did"oh my what a song Sweety"Kanti said

okay when I was little in real life my Uncle Dustin who was 12 or 13 at the time had a room that was Light and Dark blue and had glow in the dark Stars and I loved it and now my Uncle Dustin is 19 I think I'm not sure maybe hes 20 *shrugs*