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(Edit) February 11th 2011

We have come a long way, on a great adventure. Thank you for being there with me through xxholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle!

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Tsubasa World Chronicle Ch. 3

Hey all! Tsubasa World Chronicle chapter 3 is out! I was going to post a link to the raw but then I realized it's up on

It's cute, it's fun, it's dramatic. So far, Clamp is maintaining some balance---similar to how Reservoir Chronicle started out but less innocent if you know what I mean.

So it looks like the team is going to fight some "abnormalities" in this new world. But Syaoran is an abnormality too. I suppose the "Master" trusts him though because of the dream she shared with Sakura. We are getting to the plot but....we still need more info!


Wow so much this week!

More art book yummies, scanned by cute sherry on live journal !!!! This was one of the only original spreads inside the second art book:



Okay, Aurora (tsubasachro) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FROM Clamp, I HAVE TSUBASA SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, the Deluxe edition of the final Tsubasa manga release has 9 EXTRA Pages!
The pages, scanned by Clamp-now member Cute Sherry answer our question about Fei Wang Reed, he was in fact a creation, a strong thought created by someone with a lot of magic out of a hope. Hmmmm.. someone with strong magic who wants to bring Yuko back to life....


this is too awesome.

Instead of "the end", the last page ends with "and the journey continues".

Starlady 38 made these translations:
!!! page 19
Kurogane: Even though he disappeared,

The kids will have to keep paying a price?

Fai: ...As for that, I think it'd be best if the ending day came quickly,

Kurogane: But,
Why was he broken?

I definitely felt the shock from killing him.

Fai: I don't know.

Fei Wong...he too may have been a copy that something created.
!!! page 20
Fai: Not a person,
But a strong thought.

Or maybe the afterimage of the wish of someone with strong magic.

Kurogane: His true character was destroyed, huh.

Fai: Yeah.
...He's gone.

FX: Sudden

Kurogane: Then it's fine.
As long as they aren't hurt any more.
!!! page 28-29
Sakura: I you too.
!!! page 34-35
Mokona: Everyone

Is waiting,

Until they can meet Shaoran and the others.
!!! page 37
Sakura: Since everyone will be together,

You'll absolutely be all right...right.
!!! page 38-39
!!! page 48-49
Sakura: Since we can meet again,


The journey continues...

Back cover of Art Book ^^

High Quality scan courtesy of Nat on!


Back cover of Art Book ^^

High Quality scan courtesy of Nat on!