Entrance to Otogakure.

To all who wants to enter my village... this is the entrance. Beware of various traps that the sound ninjas installed. Took even Tayuya 15 minutes to get past it without getting sliced to pieces.

Another complete jutsu.

*screams of thousand of ninjas* Don't you just love that music?

Kabuto: More like wasteless lives.
Tayuya: I don't care. Long as we get stronger.
Sakon: What about all those other lives in the other villages?
Jirobo: Can't we just smash them into tiny pieces?
Kimomaru: Or at least watch them suffer in our power?

Me: I don't care about the others. We can get them some other time. Now... *looks at people dead* let's create a new jutsu.

*The doors close asmy evil laughter echoes*

Forbidden Jutsu.

I have been working on a few forbidden jutsus to accomplish my goal of immortality. Unfortunately i have not been getting no luck at all. I think of combining my sound jutsus along with my snake jutsus to make new ones. We will among all expectations. *Walks back to the lab room*


Sound Ninja

*Looks at the photo* Look at us... all together by a tree eating Ramen and drinking Sake. I swear me and Kabuto were drunk. Kidomaru and his "spider monkey" business. Kimimaro trying to look cool. Tayuya posing with Kimimaro, partners-in-crime. Sakon and Ukon messing with Jirobo and Jirobo looks like he's going to destroy Kimimaro and Tayuya for hogging up the picture... good times.



*Appears to my throne room on the ground coughing up blood*
Kabuto: Sir! are you okay? *He picks me up and sats me on my chair*
Me: I'm fine. I just need to rest for a bit. (Puts my hand on my chest as my wounds heal but slightly)
Kabuto: The Mystical Palm Justu...
Me: *procedure stops but still feel pains in every part of my body*
Dosu: *comes in with Kin and Zaku* Lord Orochimaru... are you badly hurt?
Kin: What happened Lord Orochimaru?
Zaku: Who did this? I swear i'll get the BASTARD THAT DID THIS! *punches a wall*
Kimimaro: Keep your cool Zaku. it's obvious that Lord Orochimaru was severly hurt in a fierce battle.
Jirobo: Looks likes it.
Tayuya: *plays a soothing melody on her flute*
Kidomaru: We'll hunt them down sooner or later.
Sakon: But for right now Lord Orochimaru...
Ukon:... needs his rest.
*Everybody leaves, leaving me in my throne room healing.*
Me: [thinking]fierce battle against Lord Yondaime really took a toll on me... badly. I'll manage soon.