Welcome to my office.

Here at the "Metropolis" page, I produce my more professional writing for theOtaku.com. While many of my more mainstream essays, reports and features (possibly fiction if I go insane enough) shall come out via the Official theOtaku.com World, all of my work on less-recognised, slightly stranger writing shall come out here.

Also, I'll use "Metropolis" to post any writing guides or other side-projects that perhaps don't need to come out directly on the official page. And of course, if anyone has any specific request for things to be covered I can work from there as well. We'll look into all of these as they come.

If you're looking for my less-professional, off-the-record blog, you want go to my "Smallville" world.

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A Balancing Act: A Tale From a Noob Game Master

Welp, it's 3:30am, and a couple friends just left my place after hanging out for the better part of the evening. And now I'm gonna have bothersome things stuck in my head for the next two days leading into Pathfinder RP day. This is ...

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A Sneak Preview . . .

FFFT Pre-Exhibition Banter (First Draft) (Setting: the Final Fantasy Fight Tournament semifinals have just ended and they have just announced who will be competing in the finals. ...

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Losing Sanctuary: A Diablo 3 Story

I'm in a writing mood. Curious to see what'll happen myself. I was never a huge Diablo fan. For me, it was one of those games you played because your friends were playing it, and as repetitive as it was, you would have fun runnin...

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Battle For The Hochwald Gap (February 26 - March 10)

For Remembrance Day this year, I write about something I promised myself I'd write about since last year. Really, I picked it because it involved the Canadians in Europe and allegedly it was going to involve a rather large tank battle. Like all ...

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The Bataan Death March and the Escape from Davao (April 1942 - August 1943)

I cheated and wrote about two connected stories. This one's long and broken into two parts. If you're actually reading this, consider yourselves warned. I often feel very grateful for the friends I’ve made at this site. Ev...

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