Welcome to my Shonen Jump Crossover. In this world, I will be posting a story consisting 3 of my favorite SJ animes - YuGiOh, D.GrayMan and Shaman King. I was inspired to make these crossover when I played a game called Jump Ultimate Stars whereby all Shonen heroes come together and combine/group and fight one another or against an evil force.

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Chapter 2 : [Part 2] Two against one is still not enough

[I have not been updated this world for a long time... so I have decided to continue the story.]

Joey : GAAAAH!!! That's nothing here but trees everywhere!!! I want some action!!

Kaiba : Keep your mouth shut, you dog.

Joey pissed off as usual

Kanda : Why...why am I still here with them...

The ground started to shake..

Joey : ...Okay. What's going on heeeeere?!

The ground cracked and bursts. Out came Stoned D. from the smoke.

Mokuba : Big Brother! That's Stoned D.!




Kanda : Can you two just STOPPED quarreling among yourselves and focus on this DRAGON THING!


Meanwhile... back to the fight with Level 4..

Yugi : [taking cover while watching the fight from below]. Should we do something to help them out?

Atemu [in spirit form] : I'm not sure myself partner...

Kuri Kuri !!

Yugi: Hmm? [took out his deck]

Atemu : You hear it too, right?

Yugi looked at the Kuriboh card and popped out the furry Kuriboh.

Kuri Kuri ~ [dances happily]

Yugi : Hmm? Weird. How can you be out of the card? We are not in the virtual or my other me's memory world.. You are not even in a spirit form like you used to...

Explosion in the air and come down Allen and Yoh, smashed to the ground.

Atemu disappeared back inside yugi.

Yugi : [running towards them] Are you alright?

Kuri Kuri ~ [Looks concern]

Allen : ..yeah..

Allen : This is pointless.. No matter how hard we attack it's still not enough.

Yoh : Ouch... We should fall back and find your friends then Allen.

Allen : No.. if we let it go and fall back, it will destroy everything.

Yugi : [looks down] Sorry that I can't be much help...

Yoh : It's alright hehe. By the way, who's your fuzzy friend?

Yugi : ...you can see it? [looks at kuriboh]

Allen : [interupt] C'mon let's go Yoh!

Yoh : Oh right. [They both leap off]

Yugi looked at Kuriboh puzzled.

Allen : HAAAAAA!! [swings his massive sword but misses]

Lvl 4 : Heh heh too slow! [counters with an energy ball]

Allen : AAAAARGH...

Yoh : Got you! [catches his arm in time and fullswing him back to recover in the air]

Allen fly towards the Akuma with a full throttle attack. The Akuma defends and flings him back to only be hit by yoh's divinity blade. Allen quickly recovered and uses his clown belt to grap it and pull himself towards it.

Allen : Take this ![stabs the akuma, green sparks started to fly off]

Lvl 4 : [angry] WHY YOU!! AAAHHH!!!

Bursts with a huge shockwave causing Allen and Yoh to fall crash down to the ground.

Yugi : Ah!

Allen : We need more strength of to defeat it... It's..not enough..ergh..

Yugi : [Looks more hopeless and down] I wish there is a way for me to help..

Kuri ~ [looks sad when seeing yugi's sad reaction]

to be continue...

Chapter 2 : Bringing Down The level 4 (1)

[I tried draw the full level 4 but didn't turn out that well haha]

Allen : [Look worried] Level 4...this is not good...

Yugi : [Coughing from the smoke explosion] What is that thing?!

Allen : An Akuma...the highest level so far..

Yoh : An Akuma with highest level?

Allen : There are four levels so far I have encountered. One to four. Their strength depends on their level and the level 4 is the strongest so far...

Allen : Not to mention defeating a level 4 back then at the Order took at least 2 of us to bring it down...

Allen : But with only myself alone... how can I fight and protect them at the same time?!

Level 4 : [Smiling] An Exorcist. This is going to be fun. I will eliminate you, your Innocence and your human friends that are with you. Hee hee.,

Allen : I have no other choice...

Allen : You guys take cover! I will deal with the Level 4.

Allen : Innocence Activate!

Allen slowly pull out his anti-evil sword, his innocence true form.

He then leap head on towards the Akuma.

Yoh and Yugi : Allen!


Level 4 : [chuckling] Let's play...EXCORCIST!!

Allen : HAH!! [Allen swing his sword]

Level 4 : Hee hee hee


The Akuma stop the attack using his left arm.

Sparks flying from the impact of the collision between the sword and the akuma.

Allen : [Struggling] Ergh..

Level 4 : [Smiling] Is that all you have, Exorcist?

The Akuma pushes away the sword with great force causing Allen to stagger in the air. It quickly takes the opportunity to focus an energy ball and shoots it towards Allen, hurling him down with the energy ball to the ground.

*explosion from impact*

Yoh and Yugi : [Runs towards Allen] ALLEN!!

Allen staggered to pull himself up from the piled debris.

Yugi : [Worried] You're alright?

Allen : Yeah..

Yoh : [Looks at the Akuma] I lent you a hand Allen.

Allen : [Stared at the Akuma] There is no way you can hurt it unless you have an innocence with you. Let me handle it.

Yoh : Yeah maybe you are right...but I will not just stand around watching you suffer out there.

Allen : Yoh...

Yoh : [looks at Allen] *chuckling*

Yoh : Amidamaru!

Amidamaru appeared beside him.

Amidamaru : Ready!

Yoh : Amidamaru in Harusame! In Spiritual Sword!!

Yoh's samurai sword becomes huge and covered with blinding light which slowly shortens as he condense his furyoku.

Yugi : Amazing...

Yoh : Let's go Allen!

Allen : [Looks at Yoh smiling] Right!

They both leap towards the Akuma.

Level 4 : [chuckling] This is so much fun.

Allen : HIIIIYAAA! [swinging his sword]

Level 4 : [Dodges] Too slow!!

Yoh : [From behind Allen] "Divinity blade"!!

Yoh hurl a crimson red energy slash fast towards the Akuma.

The attack is taken by surprise and hits the Akuma.

Level 4 : Aaah.. Why you...HAH!!

The Akuma counters by shooting multiple energy balls towards them.

Allen and Yoh quickly dodges the attacks by supporting one another.

At the ground, Yugi worriedly watches them fighting above.

Yugi : Is there a way we can help, my other me?

Atemu appeared beside him watching grimly at the battle.

to be continue...

Chapter 1 : New Friends and Allies (2)

Somewhere on the further side of the forest...

Kaiba : This will not be happening if you didn't touch that whatever thing
: You "bonkotsu"!

Mokuba : [standing beside kaiba] Yeah!

Joey : Well you could at least stop me back then!
: And stop calling me "bonkotsu"!!!

Ren : [his hair spiked out] Could you guys just knock it off!!!
: You guys aren't the only ones with this problem you know!!
: Let's just figure out a way out of this mess!

Kanda sigh upon looking at them.

Choji went to calm them down

Kanda : Why am I always stuck with these kind of people...
: No point staying in one place. Let's move.

Joey : You're right..

Kaiba : Humph

Choji : Sure thing, Master Kanda

The group soon make their move. Back to Allen and the gang...

Yugi : A shaman and an exorcist...
: I see

Allen : Well we each are different in our own ways.

Yoh : Yup.

Amidamaru appeared beside Yoh

Yoh : Oh Amidamaru, any luck?

Amidamru : Sorry Mister yoh...

Yugi and Allen looked shocked.

Yoh : oh I forgot to introduce. This is Amidamaru, my guardian spirit and my friend.

Amidamaru : [smiled] Hi.

Yugi : A guardian spirit...

Allen : But yoh..why can we see him?

Yoh : Well shamans have an ability to connect to the spirit world. So basically you can talk and touched them. The reason why you can see him is because you both contain a good heart.

Yugi and Allen poked Amidamaru.

Yugi : Hmm..
: If spirits can really be seen, then "he" also can...

Allen : Something wrong?

yugi : Like you yoh, I have a someone that always look after me
: "My other me" can you hear me?

Allen and Yoh looked curious.

Atemu appeared behind Yugi.

Atemu : To think that I could show myself freely in this world...

Yugi : this is Atemu or "my other me" which I usually call him.

Atemu : Yo!

Yoh : Hee hee we are so much alike now don't we?

Yugi smiled.

Allen : Haha. It's rare for me to have friends like you guys.
: It has only been a while and yet..we are like close friends.

Yoh and Yugi smiled happily towards one another.

Suddenly Allen's left eye reacted.

Allen : !!
: Could it be?! An Akuma?! Here?!

Atemu : !!

Yugi : Something wrong my other me?

Amidamaru : Mister Yoh!!

Yoh : Yeah...I feel it too..


A ball of dark energy hurling down fast towards them.

Yugi, Yoh , Allen dodged in the nick of time.


The smoke cleared.. and a figure appeared, floating above them.

Hee hee hee. Finally I have found someone to play with.

Allen : [Look at it in horror] Level 4...

to be continue...

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