The Treatment Of Your Comfort Object

"Comfort object come to thee"
Your sad and lonely
That's the way you summon me
They are gone and you feel lost
I hold you tight and don't let go
A piece of trash that should be tossed
You mess with me at any cost
I try to make you stop by any means
You slap me across the face
The mark stings tainted and unclean
You glare at me and ask "Why?"
I look away my eyes, five years, dead
Asking myself why I didn't let you die
Drowning in anger yodemand to go to bed
I make the preperations, that everythings right
Pillows fluffed and curtians drawn
You hug me, kiss me , tell me "Goodnight."
Your eyes close , in a deep sleep, I stay by yourside until your last dawn.