Uh, Welcome! My friends call me Shi-chan, and if you must know, my real name is Victoria. The two things i love to do the most are singing and reading. Drawing and writing are also some of my hobbies.
My favorite writers are currently as followed(not in any order):

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Well, it has definatly been a while since I was last on here, so for an update since last year...

  • I'm Single
  • I'm graduating in a week
  • I saw Panic at the Disco in concert
  • I've gotten into being a "multitalented artist" aka I do traditional and digital art, I work with clay, I do bead work, and whatnots, great title to carry around
  • I've doing modeling for a stock account on dA, I enjoy modeling
  • I'm really not enjoying the whole single concept...
  • I'm going to college to become a graphic designer
  • I'm playing ragnarok
  • I have over 100+ novels, 50+ graphic novels, and 50+ dvds in my room, and they are all mine
  • My best friend had a baby in January, she turns 18 in July, bother she and her baby are healthy and doing well (one way or another i suppose)
  • The drama really never does stop.
  • My senior prom was May 27th, my sister made my dress, and it was amazing

And that's all I can think of...yeah i know, not a lot of stuff for a year away, haha, well if anyone wants to contact me, there's stuff at the top of the world, or just pm me, tata for now

What's up?

lol, so school has been going good

i got my fingure squished, and it hurt like a mother f*cking B*tch who f*cks your father every saturday night cause your mother, well, she just ain't good enough anymore.........kidding

well i might be going to salem sunday

....yeah......i don't really have much to say

Whats up?


Lazyiness part 3

part 1 and 2 never got written, can't imagine why(and that was a pathetic attempt at a joke brought to you be sailorxena, thank you one and all)
yeah, so, i'm on more often...but i still have no one to talk to, no one is ever on when i'm on
but whatever, i've gotten into drawing a little bit more often, not that much though
i sewed myself my own little plusie, and named him Joey. he's cute, and here's a link so you can go visit him, so go do that
not much else to say, so, ta ta for now sweethearts(don't ask)

yo ho a pirate's life for me

Well, merry christmas world, i'm completely over joyed right now, i come to you from my brand new computor, it's all spiffy and stuff like that, i also got a all-in-one printer(printer, copier, and scanner)
and to add to my wonderfully growing collection, i now have a hello kitty camera
i also have a amazing phantom of the opera music Box, it plays the tune of "Music of the night" I LOVE YOU LIZZY!!!! yes, my sister got it, and yes, i completely adore that movie, i own it, along with labyrinth, i love those movie...and yes, i have like a whole shit load of chocolate like, right next to me...note to the world....do not give me a whole lot of chocolate
anyhow, i haven't been on lately cause well, theotaku was being EXTREMELY slow on all of the other computors
so, here i am, chilling in my room, i lost power earlier, which meant that i couldn't go on the internet for at least an hour and a half, brand new computor that me and my mother just set up, and we loose power, life likes to torment me
wells, i'm gona get going, so have a wonderful day, evening, night or morning, whichever you prefer