soooo hello first of all and ty for stoping by,and taking the time to read this XD so ok here we go :

Name :Isaura (its greek and it means gentle breeze-u read it izaura)call me IZA its more simple :P or Shiroi-chan XD
B.Day: 22.08.1988
and im LEO so yes---meow XD
Country: SLovenia (go to wikipedia and type slovenia if u dont know this country )
Hobbies : drawing,,watching anime,playing games,..
Talents: talking for hours(mwuhahahaha)...........^-^


I never knew ,that the time will come
When I tell the truth to everyone.
You always knew how to hurt me the most
I never showed it I just smiled
trying to hold on,to that little lie
that everything will be alright
soon you will shove me what love is like
I waited, waited for to long
until bloody tears started to fall
I locked myself away from the world
Hid the key of my heart from all
And finally I forgot
what was this thing called love

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wiii a poem i actually did myself
if there are any type mistakes....srry ^^;


well are u all? i hope ur doing good :D
im doing good...i guess....dunno....not sure ....xD
i was just reading the new bleach manga....and omfg......u know i drew a pic : my released espada form....and loool there is a chara in the manga now who has the same name for the sword as i do xD i was so shocked xD and even the released form looks a bit similar lool haha...maybe its just my imagination @[email protected]

right now im working on pics for my bestish friendish :P here a lill preview :P :

yust flying by*flys arround*

so what to tell u doing good,just a bit tired*i couldnt sleep good for few days now...dunno why dont ask me xD***psss maybe cuz of the weird dreams i have xD**** *.school is going ok...i guess....only thing thats killing me is that i have school on saturday as well....and guess what i have on this beatiful day????? starts with an M!!!!!!!.......u know it?..........and now????....yeeesss its MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 ours of math on saturday....its like a dream came true*trying to be sarcastic here !!!!*.but ill survive......i mean...cmmon...those are just numbers*that i would like to burn to ash*.
so what else uh yeshhh...i have a date tomorrow -_- i mean hes ok but....but....nooooo i wants u to be just friends....i hope i wont hurt him when i say : back off dude...xD we are going tomorrow evening out on a drink.....its long as he pays ...LOL im so evil xD

uh i watched vampire hunter D again...i mean i think i watched it for.......5 times till now xD its such a sad story *life is a bitch....doesnt matter if u are a vampire, screws us allllll--no one can escape xD...nooo u the one reading this...u cant escape either...mwuhahahha....(jokejoke)* and i watched yakitate japan as u know,if u saw my new pic of pierrot.....i wish i had 1% of his knowledge im sure i would finish school right now and be a genius.....

i have so many request to finish.....but.....but.......i dunno when ill be able to do it i have to learn now cuz soon we will write some tests....and i need a good grade *duuuh no really?*

and now someone tell me that grimmy doesnt look damn awesome here!!!!!!!!:

whazzaapp :D

so my dear are u all...i think i didnt hear from few of you for a looong...loooong time...its so long that i cant even measure it ,yeah its so long..xD

so what is new here by me...hmm ok lets say this : im so freaking tired....i cant even hold a freaking pencil without feeling like im holding a tree and damn its won heavy tree i got here -_- ..hahaha
but i have to say school going awesome,for the first time in my life i understand math without problems *yeeey gimme five* the professors are awesome i mean they are not the : if u u look at me ill kill u type,but the crazy type -we are having really a good time there and i could swear that the professor for math is always looking at me o.O....its kinda scary.....but hey hes ok (and young i think there around 25-30 :P )
and the job....hmmm yeah...lets move on.ill have to find a new one this is just killing me xD

so does anyone have any idea what i should try to draw next?.....anyone??....anything??......echooooo....echhooo....xD well if u have any ideas please tell me :P and dont worry im working on the requests....slowly....really slowly...xD

and do u all know the new ending from bleach ???its sooo fukking in luuvvvv xD :

and my new wally : i think the one that draw this pic is from : im not sure but if someone knows this artist please tell me !!!i added the bg :P

uh uh and tell me --what will u be for halloween ??i think ill be....hmmm...uh i know... ME!!!!the most amazing creature that exists xD jk jk

so take care lya all

Starting to move

so how to tell u.....hmmmm school is starting for me tomorrow .........its starts at 3pm........till 9 pm.
ill start to work .so it will look like : my job starts at 6am and ill be working till 2pm.after that i have 1 hour to get to school and be there till yeah hellish isnt it ..XD
but tnx god i have school only on Tuesday , Wednesday ,Thursday ,Friday ....yeah i know...its almost the whole freaking week xD
so i wont be able to draw so much anymore.....maybe only on sundays cuz im working every day :( and i hope i can managae that......the job and the school.....i feel tired just thinking of it xD

and i know i promised someone a pic of dante...and ill try to finish it this week :D so dont worry.and i think this will be the last request ill be able to finish this month ,i have still 2 or 3 but i just cant....ill be away from home the whole days......ill try to draw the pics but dont expect me doing it soon =/
but i did few vectors for Hiruma from eyeshield 21 i wuw that guy...i do :P

and omg i got a grimmy poster

he is right next to my bet..i can touch it and lol if i wake up in the middle of the night i look at him and think : u have such long long legs........then i fall back to sleep hahahahahhaahahah
and i got a smexy t-shirt that says : evil kitten with grimmy in his chibi released form

so i think this is all for now...and omg the longest post i ever so proud xD kekekekeke