Ewan: Ewan the shiny Eevee here!

Mia: And I'm the newbie, I suppose. Mia the Milotic, but really, you can call me anything you'd like. *wink*

Me: ...

Ewan: Well... This is our world, and we're happy to have you here! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to—

Mia: It's so hot in here. *begins stripping*

Me: Aaaand there's nothing to see here. *ahem* Sorry. They're a bit... difficult to handle.

Mia: *eye roll*

Ewan: *shuffles feet*

Me: Enjoy your stay, and try to tolerate these two nutjobs.

Mia & Ewan: HEY!

Mia: Twit.

Ewan: *sigh* Carry on...

Ewan's Profile :3

Ewan's Voice (Shawn) and Singing

Mia's Profile

Mia's Voice (Asami) 4:15-4:35, Singing 1 & Singing 2

Ewan's Profile!!

[Edit]As my precious babe has finally evolved, his profile was in dire need of revision. So I've made changes to his a few things. Everything bolded has been altered. [Edit]

Name: Ewan Lucas Shizuka

Nicknames: Ewie/Ewa, Shizuka

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: October 30, 1992

Pokemon: Shiny Sylveon

National #: 700

Title: Intertwining Pokemon

Nature: Naive- Though he is very nimble and elusive, he tends to be a bit oblivious in the face of danger, preferring to give his adversaries the benefit of the doubt. As one could expect, this typically leads to him getting himself in a heap of trouble. Even so, it’s enabled him to make friends rather easily—sometimes a bittoo easily. Though he prefers sweet foods, such as candy and fruit, he has learned not to be quite so picky (see “Background”). However, he refuses to eat anything even remotely bitter.

Held Items: None at the moment

Ability: Run Away


  • Shadow Ball
  • Wish
  • Trump Card
  • Growl
  • Double Edge
  • Take Down
  • Charm
  • Protect
  • Draining Kiss

  • Moonblast

Weak Against: Poison, Steel

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 174

Hair Color: Blue

Hair Length: Fairly short (brushes against his cheeks), messy but extremely soft

Eye Color: Pink

Skin Tone: Almost sickly pale now that he suffers from health complications

Build: Muscular but lean

Markings/Scars: Across his abdomen, he has a long, thick but precise scar that stretches between his rib cage. On his arms and legs, there are a few, scattered scars, but he no longer recalls the cause of them.

Tattoos: His skin is untarnished by ink.

Piercings: No piercings, either.

Appearance: Like an Sylveon, he has two fluffy blue ears that emerge from his hair and twitch often. From just before his left ear, two long, thin white ribbons dance, and they end by his waist. His short, blue tail is softer than the World's Softest stuffed animals. His eyes are big and expressive, and despite having sharp cheekbones and a defined jaw, his features are very cutesy and lovable, even more so now that he's evolved. HE HAS DIMPLES, TOO, JUST SAYING.

Full Outfit: Now that he's evolved, he's had to change his entire wardrobe (but he will never toss his blazer or his scarf, mind you. They're sentimental.) He now wears a long-sleeved button-up shirt and rolls up the sleeves to his elbows. Over this, he dons a light blue waistcoat with darker blue stripes. He has dark blue suspenders and a necktie that mimics the pattern of a Sylveon's ribbons. He wears fitted white pants with three blue buttons, and a bit of his stomach is revealed in the gap from the bottom of his vest and his pants. His boots lace up and are light blue in color (think hiking boots). A final touch, he wears light blue faux fingerless leather gloves that reach his elbows. He's also going to be carrying around a can now because of his partial-paralysis. (I didn't draw that because I kinda forgot oops I drew a quick sketch in class today, so be amazed by my superb artistic abilities *sarcasm*

Personality: Despite being rather introverted, he’s one of the sweetest guys to ever exist. He tends to pin the blame on himself rather than others, and is thus notorious for saying "sorry" an obscene amount. He has no problem being a gentleman or lending an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. Since he’s learned how to manage his problems on his own by stuffing them deep inside... no matter..., he no longer pays them any mind, making him the perfect therapist (future career, perhaps?). He never lets any negative emotions show unless he’s genuinely fired up over something; 99% of the time, there’s a smile on his face. Though his demeanor is always childlike around others, innocent and carefree, his thoughts tend to be solemn. He tends to speak before thinking, so he's notorious for tripping over his words. And upon first meeting, he usually has a stutter. When he believes in something or knows someone who’s being picked on/attacked, his undying passion will ensure that he’ll stand up and fight for them. Even if someone is a total b*tch to him, he doesn’t take anything to heart. Because he's spent so much time alone, he tends to have "mental conversations" with an alternate identity in his head named Nawe; his conscience has taken on a dark person, however, that tends to criticize his actions and thoughts. No matter how much his own thoughts disturb him, he never shares them with anyone. He’s really bad around girls, for the most part; he rarely forms a coherent sentence unless he’s known them for a considerable amount of time, meaning a few days or weeks. He’s secretly a hopeless romantic, due to the fact that he hasn’t had any real contact with women in nearly eight years; he longs for love but is too afraid to search for it. All in all, he’s pretty shy at first, but, once you get to know him (in less than a few minutes), he’ll totally be your newest bestie.

Orientation: He doesn't know. He's open. He loves Chandacy, but seeing as she died and all he is very vulnerable. Honestly, he's likely pansexual, but he doesn't really know that.

Rival: He doesn’t know enough people to have a rival...

Family: His mother and father (a Flareon and Vaporeon respectively), as well as his seven other siblings (one of each Eeveelution) have been M.I.A. for about seven years. (Reason will be undisclosed in “Background”)
Hometown: Though he once lived in Lilycove with his family, he moved on to reside in the forests near Fortree City, just on the edge of civilization. However, as of late, he has travelled to the Sinnoh region to live in the forests near Solaceon Town.

Name, relationship, type(in order from oldest to youngest, all older than Ewan):

-Nerio: Father; Flareon
-Adena: Mother; Vaporeon
-Gabriel: Brother; Glaceon
-Usha: Sister; Umbreon
-Zuma: Brother; Jolteon
-Enya: Sister; Flareon
-Cato: Brother; Espeon
-Marius: Brother; Vaporeon
-Viridian: Brother; Leafeon

Likes: carefree fun, playing card/board games, caring for others, climbing trees, being trusted, standing up for people and his beliefs, archery

Dislikes: being patronized, feeling fear, being hungry (which happens a lot), not being accepted/liked, hand to hand combat

Fears: Starvation, being perpetually alone, betrayal, love (he’s a softie and a bit of a wuss)

Strengths: Since he was raised on shooting arrows (for competitions and so he’d have some decent skill), he is very talented at the sport. After living in the forest for years (“Background”), he learned how to communicate (in a one-sided way) with wild, pure-blooded Pokemon, so, typically, they are more likely to trust and aid him.

Weaknesses: He tends to trust people way too easily, even when they seem shady, simply because he has met both friend and foe whose looks deceived him greatly. His powers are weak, seeing as he never evolved from his first evolution (and never can), so he’s easily outmatched in a fight. Though he occasionally tries to act otherwise, he’s very silly and a bit chaotic, sometimes leading himself (and everyone around him) into a whole lot of pointless trouble.



Food: CHOCOLATE or y’know berries... specifically Mago and Sitrus (AND HE DOESN’T EAT MEAT)

Drink: Anything with sugar, but he normally just drinks water

Color: Silver

Tree: Yew

Season: Spring

Activity: Archery, chilling in trees


Background: When he was born with such rare colors, his parents, a Flareon and Vaporeon named Adena and Nerio respectively, who had already had seven children (evolved into one of the evolutionary forms), decided that they would never let him evolve. Within a few days of his birth, they surgically implanted an everstone inside of his abdomen to forever preserve his rare form.

After learning the truth at the age of eight when he’d spent his entire life struggling to evolve, he grew furious at his family, not only for determining his future without his consent but for allowing him to suffer through endless trials and training for no real purpose. To try and make up for it, his father “offered” (he forced him) to teach him how to shoot with a bow and arrow since he’d taken up the sport when he was living in the forest as a child.

Three years after his discovery, hunters identified his family’s location; it is pretty hard to hide when you’re a FAMILY OF TEN GJINKAS IN ONE LOCATION. Anyway, they threatened to break down the door, and, fearing for their children’s safety, Adena and Nerio instructed their children to run. Though most did, Ewan stayed behind, determined to prove to his parents that he could help. Unfortunately, the hunters were professionals, and all he did was watch as his parents were brutally attacked, his mother killed and his father captured, having cowered under the bed in the master bedroom to hide at the last second.

Then, they set his house on fire.

By some miracle, he managed to escape unscathed, but, once he had taken cover in the forest, he realized... he was all alone. His siblings had long since departed, convinced their brother had either run far away or had been captured, leaving him to fend for himself.

For a few years, he roamed around in the forest near Fortree City, foraging for food and sleeping in the crooks of tree limbs. Without any real companionship, he came to rely on the interaction between himself and his thoughts, his conscience taking on a different, opposite personality from his own to compensate for the lack of interaction. The wild Pokemon that lived in the forest didn’t pay him much mind unless it was to observe him. After a while, they grew to trust him and would bring him the occasional berry.

When he was thirteen , he stowed away on a boat headed for the Sinnoh region, sick of reminiscing about his family and determined to find a new future in the faraway place. On his voyage, he decided to go by his middle name from then on, figuring it wouldn’t hurt. When he got there, he found he was even worse off before, having no funds, no food, no shelter, and not a single comrade.

Starving and weak, he managed to find his way to the nearest town, a quaint place called Pastoria, where a kind man took pity on the partially deranged, dying child, taking him into his home and nursing him back to health.

Of course, Ewan’s misfortune would only continue.

After a few months in his care, Ewan was tracked down by the same hunters who took his parents. Due to his shiny coat, he had been made a primary target for the biggest corporations, namely Team Rocket.

As the old man attempted to throw the hunters off Ewan’s trail, he escaped through the window and scampered off into the woods with enough supplies to last him a few days.

Then came the gunshot.

Ewan never turned back, knowing that it would only make everything worse.

Because the man had taken the time to get to know more about his past, Ewan was now equipped with a crude but acceptable bow as well as a few arrows, and, with his tool, he managed to defend himself against any further attacks as well as snag some of the hunters’ supplies.

However, he grows weary of this repetitive lifestyle. Sure, he’s made friends with the local Pokemon and has discovered the best, sweetest berry bushes, but he misses the interaction that accompanies “normal” life.

Though he’s been out of the loop for quite some time, he’s ready to get involved with his attained skills and lovable nature. After all, no one can resist a shiny Eevee...

Playlists (IN-PROGRESS)

So I'm practically a goldfish. In the process of writing a post for Ewan *GASP* IT'S HAPPENING, I became increasingly distracted (while I should have been working on a statistics paper this whole time but oh well). So I found myself listening to random music and figured hey, why don't I try to make a playlist for my bbys.
This is super in-progress though.

Weight of Living Pt. II by Bastille
Run by Daughter

Demons by Imagine Dragons
Mountains by Yuna


Icarus by Bastille

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