Shilatha is tinkering with something as you
walk in, but quickly wipes her hands on her
apron and turns around to give you a warm smile.
"Hello there! Come in, come in!" She says,
gesturing to a cushioned chair. "I was just experimenting
with a new brew of mine, if you'd like a taste."
She lets out a hearty chuckle, then gestures at
the main room of her house.

"This is my humble home, and I'm sure
it won't mind being yours for the duration of
your stay." She says, looking upon the place
proudly. Everything about the home is cheery,
with bright colors and flowers everywhere.
This is the house of Shilatha Lathe, Owner
of the Moonlight Tavern.


Shilatha sighed as she looked around
her home, trying to figure out what
was wrong. Nothing was out of place,
nothing was messy or sloppy looking.
She placed her hands on her hips and
pursed her lips, scanning the room
she stood in.

Finally it came to her. The
place was just too empty. She had
known from the start that this was
a home meant to have a family in it,
but it was the closest to her tavern
while still being in the forest.

She shook her head, regretting
that she had taken the chance at a
family sharing it's memories with the
home away from it. At least until she
moved, anyway. She doubted she ever
would, though.

She decided to go down to the
tavern and open early.