List of Term Paper on Art History Topic Ideas

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List of Term Paper on Art History Topic Ideas

David Slaying Goliath - Peter Paul Rubens.

This is an art history paper, on one of the paintings on display at the Norton Simon Museum in Los Angeles. The name of the painting is "David Slaying Goliath", by Peter Paul Rubens. The paper is written in the cultures/period styles

Distant Echoes: An Exploration of Greek Sculpture of the 4th Century B.C.E.

This paper will explore the innovations and aesthetics of Greek sculpture of the fourth century B.C.E.. Beginning with a discussion of the styles of Greek sculpture in the preceding century, the radical changes that were introduced into artistic design by artists of the fourth century B.C.E. will be outlined. Particular attention will be paid to two of this century's greatest artists: Praxiteles and Lysippos. Their influence upon both contemporary and later sculpture will be discussed through an analysis of later Roman copies.

Donatello's Renaissance Ideals Expressed.

This paper is an analysis of Renaissance themes in the Donatello sculpture, Judith and Holofernes. A discussion of how the sculpture expresses certain themes of the renaissance is included.

Donatello: His Historical Context and Stylistic Considerations

This paper shall examine the artist Donatello. First, it will establish the major social, economic, and historical forces that influenced his art. Second, it will describe and analyze his artistic style. Third and finally, the paper will analyze two particular pieces of art by Donatello and situate them both within his historical and stylistic context.


This senior level paper is for an art history class that discusses the relationship of dream work to repression in Sigmund Freud's On Dreams. Not only this but it will also discuss the relationship between Surrealist artists and dreams.

Dutch 17th Century Painting: Portrayals of Women.

According to the experts from programming help service this undergraduate paper examines and analyzes images of the domestic heroine and the love-sick maiden in Dutch seventeenth century painting. Domesticity and female complaints are contrasted as they are presented in selected works by seventeenth century Dutch genre painters such as De Hooch, Steen, Maes, and Vermeer.

Edward Hopper and His Imagery of Urban City life

This research paper deals with the depiction of various urban architecture in the paintings of an outstanding American realist artist – Edward Hopper. A special attention is paid to the factors that influenced the painter to address the peculiarities of the city life and solitude of people. Moreover, the features of Hopper’s paintings are considered in detail.

El Greco and the Baroque Style.

This undergraduate essays explores the influence of baroque art and the Spanish painter El Greco, stressing his painting Cardinal Don Fernando Nino de Guevera, archbishop of Toledo and grand inquisitor of Spain (c. 1601-09, Metropolitan Museum of Art).

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